Choose a Wi-Fi camera for quadcopter

Choose a Drone with Wi-Fi camera

What is a quadcopter with a camera? It's clear that this is the same flying unmanned vehicle with four engines and the same number of propellers, but equipped with video and a camera. There are, of course, multi-rotor systems, which have more than four engines, for example, 6 or 8.

Wi-Fi camera
Wi-Fi camera

Drones, which installed a video camera to prefer experienced pilots and operators. These users are no longer interested in launching a toy, like a kite, just for the sake of some flights. Perhaps, among them there are also such, whose purpose was originally to fly on the Copters and shoot the neighborhood. They did not do this just because they lacked experience in management.

So. To date, the market can find many models equipped with integrated and removable video cameras. It should be noted that the copter need not be expensive and recognizable, so that it is a video camera. Although this greatly depends on the quality of shooting - the higher the price of the device, the better the video footage and the quality of the photo.


If you are a novice user and are interested in inexpensive drones, which also include a video camera, you will find for yourself a couple of interesting options. For example, the company Eachine produces a lot of flying machines that have built-in miniature cameras on their board.


Such devices are primarily designed for flights inside the premises, because because of the small size they can not really fly in the streets - they are constantly blown away by the wind. But on the other hand, the video quality of these cameras leaves much to be desired.

Small quadcopter with camera

One of the popular drones is Eachine H8C, which costs only 1,400 rubles in the Chinese market. Its dimensions are 18 by 18 centimeters. A video camera is built in the case, which is not removed. The resolution is only 0.2 MP, which is an extremely low indicator.


The device has an alarm light. In front of her red, behind - blue. Backlighting plays an important role in the management of the drone. Firstly, at the stage of assembly and preparation of the drone, it signals the user about the readiness of the system to this or that flight mode. Secondly, with its help it is easier to recognize where the drone has the leading-nasal part.


For each beam of the drone, a protective bumper is installed to prevent damage to the propellers during the falls. Unfortunately, during the fall of the Copter in the house, protection can not always save their accident. Therefore, it is better that the drone always falls on a flat surface, and not at any angle.

Eachine H8C
Eachine H8C

Almost all the functionality of the control drones is located on the front of the transmitter, which, by the way, is very similar to the gamepad. Two sticks responsible for the direction of flight - the largest controls, located almost at the edges of the console.


The button at the top left is responsible for changing the speed. This increases the stability of the drone during the wind. But despite this, try to avoid flights in windy weather, because if you raise the drone higher, the wind, which blows stronger from above, can easily carry the drone far to the side.

The upper right button is responsible for the flips of the device in the air. In the center of the transmitter are also located two cross-shaped buttons. Left Cross: The upper part allows you to take photos and shoot video. The right and left parts of the cross trumpet the quadrolet. The lower part turns on the Headless mode or returns the device to the start position in automatic mode. Right cross - each of the four sides aligns the flight in one of four directions.


  • The name of the device is Eachine;
  • Model - Н8С;
  • The signal frequency is 2.4 GHz;
  • Number of gyro axes - 6;
  • Color of the case - white and black;
  • The flight distance is up to 80 meters;
  • Flight time - 5-6 minutes;
  • Battery charging time - up to 40 minutes;
  • Battery type - 3.7 volts, 300 milliampere hours (included);
  • Batteries for the control panel - 4 x AA (not included);
  • The dimensions of the quadrocopter are 18 x 18 x 5.5 centimeters.


Thanks to the mode Headless, the user will be easier to navigate in the management of the Copter. A memory card that can be used when shooting from a drone has a volume limitation of 2 gigabytes. By the way, there are no cards and a card reader in the kit, no less than the batteries for the control equipment.


The control panel has a light indicator, through which the operator will be able to determine how much charge remains in the battery of the quadrocopter to plant it before the energy runs out.



  • Drone - 1 piece;
  • Control panel - 1 piece;
  • Battery - 1 piece;
  • USB charging cable - 1pcs;
  • Spare propellers - 2 pieces;
  • Screwdriver - 1 piece;
  • Instruction - 1 pc.



If you want to purchase a very small quadcopter carrying a camera on board, we advise you to pay attention to the model from FQ. There is such a toy only 860 rubles (regular cost - 1147 rubles). It can be ordered from the Bangoud website (China), and the delivery will be free of charge.


What are the key characteristics of this model? First of all, it is very small. Its dimensions are 4 х 3 centimeters. 9 x 9 - in the case of flights with protective bumpers. By the way, it is strongly recommended to wear protection on the drone during the flights of the house, so as not to disable its screws.


Because in spite of the fact that such a small device can fly without a hindrance in the room, the probability of its falling and hitting about any ledge or corner is very high. But unlike the previous model Eachine, this copter is actually easy to manage indoors.


The drone has a 6-axis gyroscope, which stabilizes the flight, making it easier for the pilot to control the device. FQ signals a low battery charge to the control panel, so the user can stop the flight on time and put the battery on charge. Drone can do aerial tricks, which are known as flips. To do this, you only need to dial a certain height and click on the special button on the transmitter.


  • Model name: FQ777-951;
  • Operating frequency for flight control: 2.4 GHz;
  • Color of the case: black, white;
  • Flight distance: up to 20-25 meters;
  • Possibility of flying in two speeds: yes;
  • Battery charging time: 35 minutes;
  • Flight time: 2-3 minutes;
  • Flight weight: 21 grams (with battery);
  • Battery: 3.7 Volts, 25С, 150 milliampere hours (in the set);
  • Batteries for the control panel: 3 x AAA (not included in the kit);
  • Charging power: 3.7 Volts;
  • Dimensions of the copter (with protection): 9 x 4 x 3 centimeters;
  • Package weight: 200 grams.

The camera in the quadrocopter is built-in and shoots in a very low quality. For shooting video and photos there is a special button, located on the left at the top of the transmitter. To take a photo, you need to press it with a short tap. If you need to shoot a video, you need to click on it and hold for 2-3 seconds.


The control panel operates from three small AAA batteries, which are inserted into the rear compartment of the transmitter. They must be pre-purchased, as they are not supplied in the kit with the drone.


Two large stickers on the front panel of the console control the drone. The left raises and lowers the drone, and also turns it to the left or right side around its axis. The right moves forward, backward, to the right and to the left. With a long press on the right stick, the FQ777-951 goes into the Headless flight mode - when the direction of the flight is independent of its leading (nose) side.


The upper right button switches the drone to the flip mode. We recommend that you learn to do this only after you confidently manage the copter.


Six round buttons on the front panel of the control equipment equalize the flight of the drones in case if during the flight he heels in any direction.


Finally, the button at the bottom of the console in the middle switches the speed of the device in three modes: 30% motor power, 60% and 100%. Beginners can start from the first two options, and when flying on the street it is better, of course, to use all 100% of the engine power.



Quadrocopter - 1 pc;

Control panel - 1 piece;

Propellers - 1 piece;

Protective frames - 4 pieces;

Battery - 1 piece;

USB charging cable - 1pcs;

Manual for the user - 1 pc.

Radio Controlled Quadrocopter with Camera Eachine Pioneer E350

Eachine Pioneer E350
Eachine Pioneer E350

Eachine company pleasantly surprised its followers with the release of the Pioneer E350 model with a cost of 12,500 rubles. The device has its own GPS-system, so it can return home by pressing a single button. As you know, navigation also helps the device to hang in the air and return home independently, in case of a signal loss with the control panel.


When the battery is low, the device performs automatic landing. The user can now turn on the "follow me" mode and the copter will obediently fly after him and make a video. There is a quadrocopter on the Android operating system.


Propellers and motors are designed in such a way that the user does not have to spend much effort to replace the blades, using special tools.


The two-axle suspension is similar to the one used on the Quadrocopters by the Phantom of the second model. It minimizes shaking, making the shots smooth and unshrouded. Before the flight it will be necessary to install the transmitting antenna and the landing gear. Charge the battery and start your first flight.




Name - Eachine;

The model is the Pioneer E350;

The signal transmission frequency is 2.4 GHz;

Number of channels - 8;

Gyroscopes - 6;

Type of motors - 2212 980 КВ brushless;

The main rotors are 9045 x 4;

ESC - 20AM brushless ESC;

Control panel - 2.4 (8 channels);

Receiver - 2.4 (8 channels);

GPS module - yes;

The battery is 3S, 11.1 volts, 2200 milliamps of hours;

Flight time - 10-12 minutes;

Flight weight - 895 grams;

The transmission distance of the signal is 600-1000 meters.

Curiously, the kit does not include a video camera. Apparently the manufacturers decided to leave this moment to the discretion of the user. But warned that the suspension can be fixed virtually any action camcorder. Most likely, the Go Pro camera is ideal for these purposes.




Drone - 1 piece;

Control panel - 1 piece;

Charger - 1 piece;

USB cable - 1 piece;

The wire for the charger is 1pc;

Battery - 1 piece;

Screws - 4 pieces.

Mini Quadrocopter with Camera - Eachine E10WD

Perhaps, the most that neither is a small quadrocopter with a built-in camera is Eachine E10WD. Its dimensions are amazing: 6 x 6 centimeters. And this is taking into account the protective bumpers. Weighs such a little kid. Basically, it weighs heavier than its own battery.


Interestingly, Eachine can not just shoot a video or photo on a memory card. He still has a first-person flight mode - FPV, which is so much appreciated by some fans of airborne radio-controlled models.


The video picture is transmitted over the channel at a frequency of 5.8 GHz to the control panel, more precisely to the smartphone, which can be installed on the transmitter. Thus, the pilot will be able to see what is in the camera's field of view during the flight. Of course, the function is not very useful and useful, because Eachine can not fly so far that the user had to turn on the FPV mode. The drone can fly away from the control panel by only 10-20 meters.

Eachine E10WD
Eachine E10WD

However, if you want to feel like a real pilot inside this indoor aircraft, you can take this function from the manufacturer.


The flight time for Eachine is small - 3-3.5 minutes. To charge the battery for a second flight, you will need to wait about 50 minutes, so we recommend you immediately stock up on a set of batteries and a charger with a hub that could charge all the batteries at the same time. The power consumption is 3.7 volts. The battery capacity is only 150 milliamp hours - it can be pulled out of the case.


This is very convenient, because it allows you to replace the sown battery with a new one and continue the flight, rather than relate the quad for charging instead and wait 50 minutes.


The video that the camera records has a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. Few? But honestly. Many companies, including the same Eachine, are used to misleading users that the 0.3 MP camera is the HD camera. In this way they increase the value of their products, hoping that inexperienced beginners will buy it.


Like all such devices, Eachine has a highlight. The front is lit with blue LEDs, at the back - red. It is unlikely that this will greatly help during flights in sunny weather, but against the background of the evening sky will be just the way.


  • The model name is Eachine;
  • The model is E10WD;
  • The propeller size is 30 millimeters;
  • Number of working channels of the remote control - 4;
  • The transmission frequency is 2.4 GHz;
  • Gyroscope - 6-axis;
  • Battery drones - 3.7 volts, 150 milliampere hours, lithium (comes complete, can be removed);
  • Batteries for the control panel - 2 x AA (not included);
  • Flight time - 3 minutes;
  • Charging time - 50 minutes;
  • The resolution of the camera is 640 x 480;
  • Dimensions - 6 x 6 centimeters;
  • The dimensions of the packing box are 14 x 8 x 11 centimeters.


Due to its small size, Eachine can safely run inside the premises. Actually, for flights at home it is intended.


  • Quadrocopter - 1 pc;
  • Battery - 1 piece;
  • Control panel - 1 piece;
  • Spare bolts - 4 pieces;
  • USB charging cable - 1pcs;
  • Instruction - 1 pc.

Quadcopter with a camera for beginners

For novice pilots it is recommended to buy aircraft, which cost from 60-70 dollars and above. Typically, these models are not so large, but not small. That is, there is something in between the room qudcopters and professional drones, which are equipped with expensive cameras. The average flight time of such drones is from 6 to 9 minutes. Together with the device, we recommend that you purchase two spare batteries, because this time for the first flight will definitely not be enough.


These video cameras are usually equipped with camcorders that can both take pictures and shoot videos of low quality. But for starters, such cameras will fit perfectly. The most important thing is to learn how to fly on a drone and react quickly to different situations during your first flights, and then go to control under the camera.


So. Which models are best for this?


First of all, we recommend to pay attention to this quadrcopter - SYMA X5UC. Drone is perfect for beginners both for the price and for their simple functionality. A full review on this model you can read by clicking on this link.


Particularly popular among beginners are operators Hubsan X4. On its board there is a video camera and its cost does not exceed 3500 rubles. You can order it from China. The delivery will cost only 6 rubles and it will arrive to you in about 20-25 days.


What is good about Hubsan? First of all, its size - 10 x 10 centimeters. Of course, it does not allow the novice to enjoy the flight indoors, but it will be comfortable to operate such a small drone on the street.

The camcorder is built into the hull of the drones. Shoots in the resolution of 720 x 280 pixels. The recording is performed on a micro SD card, which must be purchased separately.


But, perhaps, the most important advantage of Hubsan before Syma X5UC are its motors. They are brushless, which means more reliability and the ability to withstand heavy loads and speed drops.


The flight time for Hubsan is 5-6 minutes. This, of course, will not be enough for the first time, because you always want to fly more, especially when the operator starts to get something. Therefore, it will be better if you immediately purchase a few spare batteries with a drone (it will be possible to extend the flight to several tens of minutes). Recharging the battery takes only 40 minutes. This is quite a bit, considering that on some batteries with a capacity of 30 milliamperes less time is indicated in 3-4 times more.


The range of Hubsan's flight is only 50-70 meters, but in some cases it can fly away from the user by as much as 100 meters. It depends on the conditions in which you will run it. The smaller the larger objects in the flight area than the windless weather, the farther the multi-copter can fly off.


The name of the Copter is Hubsan;

The model is H107C;

Sensors - 6-axis gyro-barometer;

The operating frequency is 2.4 GHz;

The number of working channels of the transmitter is 4;

Motor type - 0820 (brushless);

The resolution of the camera is 720 x 280 pixels;

Video recording - micro SD card;

The battery is 3.7 Volts, 530 mAh (included);

Flight time is 3-5 minutes;

Charging time - 40 minutes;

Backlight - 4 LED elements;

Ability to fly - on the street (at home is not recommended);

Weight - 190 grams.

Quadrocopter can fly in two modes. This allows you to hang in the air for clearer and more unwashed photos. Thanks to the powerful brushless motors, the Habsan flies steadily and more confidently against the wind. USB charging can fully charge the battery from a regular laptop.



Quadrocopter - 1 pc;

Control panel - 1 piece;

Battery - 1 piece;

Charging USB cable - 1pcs;

Propellers - 4 pieces;

Instruction - 1 piece;

Camera - 1 pc.

Syma X5HW

This quadcopter is also ideal for beginner. The drone is grounded for flights only on the street and a good video camera is installed on it. The cost of Sima is 3300 rubles. Delivery from China to Russia can cost only 6 rubles. The parcel will have to wait about 20-25 days.


Syma, except for shooting video and photos, has the ability to broadcast a video signal to the control panel in real time. This will greatly facilitate the management of the copter, especially when it is away from the pilot. But this is a slightly different level of skill, which still needs to be reached.


Like all Syma drones of this class, this model has the ability to fly in the Headless mode. In this mode, the operator does not need to trouble himself with trying to understand where the nose of the drone is, in order to direct his flight in the right direction. Go to this mode, and then just move the right stick to either side. Copter will fly exactly where you point it - very convenient and simple.


Thanks to the installed barometer, the quadrocopter can hang in one place even with the left stick left. This will allow the pilot to look around, choose a good shot and take some good shots, or record a great video. The quality of the video is not quite perfect and they hardly want to admire it endlessly. But it's still better than conventional micro cameras, recording as 0.2-0.3 MP.

Syma X5HW
Syma X5HW

Easy-to-wear screw protectors will definitely perform well for Syma owners, because at first the falls will be unavoidable. Thanks to protection, the screws will remain intact longer. A light weight of protection will not weigh heavier on the drone, and an excellent airflow capacity will avoid strong air resistance.


The aircraft is capable of making an air barrel, flipping 360 degrees and returning to its original position. This trick is better to master, when the skill will reach a high level.


Syma has an excellent backlight, which will serve as a signal to the user during the setup of the multicopter to flight, and also help him to determine during the flight, where the drones have the front and where the rear parts.


The control panel operates from four AA batteries. They need to be bought independently, because they are not supplied with Sima. Batteries are easily installed in the rear compartment of the transmitter. The most important thing is to position them correctly with poles. Orient the circuit in the battery compartment to set these items correctly.


The transmitter operates at 2.4 Gigahertz, sending commands to the drone via one of the four communication channels. Thanks to the indicator located at the very center of the control panel, the user can understand that the battery level is low and the drone needs to be planted to avoid falling.


Thanks to the trim buttons, Sim can be aligned if its flight is not straight and the drone is constantly deflected in any direction. Buttons for switching speeds and flips are on top: one on the left, the other on the right.


The dimensions of the quadrocopter are impressive - 33 x 33 centimeters with the protective elements in it. The height is 11 centimeters, because the drone has very long legs, which are designed to protect the body, especially the camera, from impacts during the landing.


The name of the drone is Syma;

Model - X5HW;

Color of the case - white or blue;

The frequency is 2.4 GHz;

Number of working channels - 4;

Gyroscope - 6-axis;

The battery for the drone is 3.7 volts, 500 milliamp hours (in the kit);

Charging time - 130 minutes;

Flight time - 3-5 minutes;

Batteries for the control panel - 4 x AA (not in the kit);

The control distance is 30-40 meters;

Dimensions - 33 x 33 x 11 centimeters;

The dimensions of the box are 41 x 35 x 9 centimeters.

The manufacturer claims that Syma can fly at home or on the street, but it's better not to take risks and always start the device only on the street.



Quadrolet - 1 piece;

Camera - 1 piece;

Fastening for the smartphone on the remote control - 1 pc;

Control panel - 1 piece;

Propellers - 4 pieces;

Planting feet - 2pcs;

Battery - 1 piece;

Screwdriver - 1 piece;

USB cable - 1 piece;

Instruction - 1 pc.

Quadrocopter with camera and video translation - DJi Phantom 4 Pro

DJI company with each release of its new model brings to a new level, creating an ideal and a model for imitation of other manufacturers of air drones. This Phantom brand has even more possibilities than the predecessors of the second and third series.


  • Lifting speed: 6 meters per second in sports mode and 5 meters per second in normal;
  • Decrease speed: 4 and 3 seconds respectively;
  • The speed of the flight horizontally: 72 kilometers per hour (sports mode), 50 kilometers per hour in normal mode;
  • Tilt angle: 42 degrees in sport mode, 25 degrees - normal mode;
  • The cross-sectional speed of the multidrone is 250 and 150 degrees, respectively;
  • The highest point of take-off: up to 6 kilometers;
  • Flight time: 27 minutes;
  • Weight flight: 1 kilogram and 400 grams;
  • Diagonal size without propellers: 35 centimeters;
  • The distance of the flight of objects: from 70 centimeters to 30 meters;
  • Frequency determination: 10 Hz;
  • Environment: space with sufficient lighting 15 lux;
  • Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz;
  • The transmission range of the signal from the control panel is 7 kilometers (maximum);
  • Battery: 6000 milliampere hours, power 7.4 volts;
  • Output signal: GL300E: HDMI, USB. GL300F: USB;
  • Mount for mobile device: 1920 x 1080 (5.5 inch screen);
  • Charger: 17.4 volts, 100 watts;

The camcorder has a one-inch 20 megapixel sensor. Like the third missile defense model, the Quartet writes a video in 4K, and it does this at a speed of 60 frames per second. In Full HD shooting mode, you can increase the speed to 120 frames per second, which allows you to produce stunning clips with a slow frame during post production.


Of course, the camera is able not only to shoot video, but also to take photographs. The camera can be photographed at a rate of up to 14 pictures per second. This is great for photo shoots of objects that are constantly moving around. In the end, you can select the best pictures, and the rest can be deleted from the memory card.


On the camera there is a special sensor with twelve stages of exposure. The mechanical shutter does not allow distortion of the image, so it almost always turns out to be correct, even though the Phantom moves at this moment at high speed. Bitrate video image has grown to 100 megabits per second. For comparison, in the third model it was 60.

DJi Phantom 4 Pro
DJi Phantom 4 Pro

The images are clear and bright, because the camera has a wide-angle lens. Its aperture is 2.8, and the focal length is 24 millimeters. The Quadro can record in the H.265 format at the maximum resolution of 4096 to 2160. The shooting speed in this case is 30 frames per second. In the case of recording images in H.264 format, the camera is capable of increasing the amount of image processing. This allows you to get a better image at the output.


The matrix of the camera is 4 times larger than the matrix of the predecessor - the Quartet. What does it give? Thanks to larger sensors, the matrix is able to receive more information coming through the lens. Improves the signal-to-noise ratio. There are more interesting opportunities for shooting during low light.


And, of course, the improved Lightbridge system allows you to receive live video images on the control panel in HD resolution. And the broadcast is possible at a distance of up to seven kilometers, which is very convenient when the pilot sends the multicopter far and can not see it visually.


Improved application DJI Go will allow to use more intelligent flight modes, when the pilot only needs to monitor the video, and the management is completely entrusted to the program. The program is updated regularly, so that all the necessary management functions will work stably and without failures.

Camera Specifications:

  • Pixels CMOS - 20;
  • The lens - 2.8 - 11, 35 millimeters;
  • ISO - Video 100-3200 in auto mode, 100-6400 in manual mode, photo 100-322 in auto mode, 100-12800 in manual mode;
  • Mechanical shutter - 8 - 1/2000 seconds;
  • Electronic shutter - 1/2000 - 1/8000 seconds;
  • The image size is the maximum - 5472x3648, 4864x3648, 5472x3078;
  • The image size is normal - 4096 × 2160 (4096 × 2160 24/25/30/48 / 50p); 3840 × 2160 (3840 × 2160 24/25/30/48/50 / 60p); 2720 × 1530 (2720 × 1530 24/25/30/48/50 / 60p); 1920 × 1080 (1920 × 1080 24/25/30/48/50/60 / 120P); 1280 × 720 (1280 × 720 24/25/30/48/50/60 / 120P);
  • File formats - MP4, MOV, FAT32, exFAT> 32 Gb. JPEG, DNG;
  • Supported memory cards - micro SD (maximum size - 128 gigabytes);
  • The maximum video bitrate is 100 MB per second;
  • Photography modes - single images;
  • Serial: 3/5/7/10/14 frames;
  • Automatic exposure bracketing 3/5 frames, bracketing with a pitch of 0.7;
  • Interval: 2/3/5/7/10/15/30/60 sec.

The Phantom has several flight modes


Despite the fact that the quadrocopter body is made of titanium alloy, which, by the way, makes it very durable and shock-resistant, it remains light, which is good for the energy consumption.


The main distinguishing feature of the fourth Phantom is the presence of two sensor sensors that are able to probe the space in front of and below the flying copter at a distance of up to 15 meters. This allows the device to detect objects that arise in its path, and fly them alone, or simply stop in place. The operator receives notification of this and in manual mode can fly around the obstacle or make another decision.


Thanks to an intelligent battery, the flight time is 25-27 minutes. In the most ideal flight conditions, this figure can reach a value of 30 minutes.


  • Type - LiPo 4S;
  • Capacity - 5870 milliamps of hours;
  • Energy consumption is 89 watts per hour;
  • The maximum charging power is 100 watts;
  • Charging time - 1,5 hours;
  • Operating time - up to 30 minutes;
  • Weight - 468 grams.


The control panel also became better and more convenient. The operating time is up to 5 hours, after which the battery needs to be removed from it and recharged. The transmitter has micro SD card slots, an HDMI port, a speaker for audio signals, which will help set up the drone and will notify the user about the status of the battery charge.


On the front of the console is a built-in display, which is brighter than the tablets in half. This allows you to see the image even on a sunny day, when the sun's rays directly shine on the screen.


The Draw function allows you to draw a Phantom flight route. At the same time, it is possible to adjust the height beyond which the drone can not rise. Manufacturers have implemented two modes. The first is "Standard", when the copter flies with the same speed. At this moment the camera will be directed towards the flight. The second one is "Free". The device will move along the painted route only when the command is received from the control panel. The camera is facing in any direction.

Active Tracking. Thanks to it, the camera will be able to recognize the object to which you specify, and during the flight the camera will be constantly focused on this subject or person. Thanks to this mode, the drone can recognize the desired object and focus only on it, that is, keep it in the center of the frame. And if you make the Trace mode active, the multi-copter will follow the object, shoot it and at the same time self-fly around the obstacles that arise in its path.


Tap Fly. Here, the pilot only needs to specify the place where to fly the drones, using tapas on the display of the control panel and the drone will fly to this place himself. In addition, the drone can return home on full autopilot. Thanks to GPS navigation, the device remembers the take-off place, and when he is given a command to return, he slowly flies back.


If you need to make an air self without a control panel in hand, it will be enough to turn this feature on and instruct the drones to take a picture or start shooting you on video when raising hands.


  • The type of stabilization is three-axis;
  • Controlled range - from minus 90 to 30 degrees;
  • The control accuracy is 0.01 degree (plus or minus).

As practice shows, users really like this simple mini-drone. As a rule, they do not have special problems with management, because even a small child can deal with it. The only thing is to make sure that the device does not fall and does not crash into anything at high speed, because protective frames can not always protect the screws from breakages.


The problem of choosing a Wi-Fi camera for a quadroopter comes before someone who realized too late that he wants to shoot landscapes from a bird's eye view on video and bought a quadrocopter without built-in optics.


The issue of purchase is also set by those who purchased the copter with the camera, but in the process of operation realized that the image quality leaves much to be desired. It does not matter which category you fall into - our advice will help any of you.


Today we will talk about three action cameras that will go with you and fire and water. In addition, they will be from the segment of budget devices.

Everyone knows about GoPro and its great features. Also, everyone knows that it can cost more than $ 600, depending on the model. We offer optics, the cost of which is within the range of $ 70 to $ 90.


Any action camera, no matter which device, should be waterproof, shockproof, have a good enough viewing angle, light weight and high performance time. If it is intended for a quadrocopter, then it needs to have a remote power-on function, and also have a mounting kit for mounting on the drone.


All the optics that we have selected for you, meets these requirements.


So, in today's review you will see:


SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi - its purchase will cost you a little more than 80 dollars

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Basic Edition, which can be bought for about 75 dollars

Amkov AMK5000 WiFi is the most expensive camera on the list, which will get to you in exchange for $ 87


We will begin with JCAM. In the complete set there are fasteners, which are very similar in design to the fixings from GoPro. Since this camera has a Wi-Fi function, it must have management applications. In the case of SJCAM, developers have tried and released applications for both iOS and Android. In the kit to this model comes a waterproof box, which allows you to lower SJCAM into the water for 30 meters. It works in shooting mode for 70 minutes.

Xiaomi immediately inferior to the other two models - in its complete set there are no fastenings, and the basic fastenings will not work because of the specific shape of the case. Solving this problem - buying additional fasteners - it costs 10 dollars. The application, fortunately, is available on Google Play, and in the AppStore. But with respect to the waterproof case, the developers once again distinguished themselves and did not add it to the package - so buying additional accessories would increase the original cost to about $ 90- $ 95. Work in video mode this model can be about 80 minutes.

And the last in the list, but not according to the characteristics - Amkov. With the attachment of this model to the quadrocopter, you will not have any problems - all the necessary designs are in the basic configuration. Just like the previous cameras, this one can be controlled from mobile devices on both Android and iOS. The box for moisture protection from the camera is also available and allows it to be immersed 30 meters deep. The operating time for this camera is the largest and is 180 minutes.

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