Draganflyer X8 review: old and expensive oktokopter

Draganflyer X8
Draganflyer X8
  • Title: Draganflyer X8
  • quadrocopters Type: RTF
  • Price: several thousand dollars

In 2010 at the copter market was released a new model - Draganflyer X8. Despite the fact that since then, much time has passed, oktokopter X8 can still be ordered. Let's see whether it is necessary to do so.


Draganflyer X8 comes in a complete set that includes all the necessary accessories for the preparation and launch oktokoptera, including a ground station to transmit video in real time. Plus, X8 is going along with the metal case, specifically designed for this drone.

Package Included:

  •   quadrocopter;
  • steam capacity 2700 mAh batteries each;
  • remote control;
  • ground station to broadcast video and telemetry;
  • Sony Camcorder;
  • a two-axis gimbal;
  • spare propellers and accessories;
  • user guide;
  • case, which is used for storage and transportation.

When creating X8 next materials were used:

  • carbon fiber
  • aluminum & stainless steel

Despite what is considered oktokopterom X8 (he rotors 8), it has only four beam - on one at each corner. One on each beam placed on two 2 motor and propeller - top and bottom. This design on the one hand, make it possible copter more mobile (easy to fold its beams in a single line), and on the other hand, increased stability of its flight.

X8 is equipped with a GPS, but it does not have the function to return home (to the starting point of the flight) on autopilot. At the same time, the height of the retention works fine, but only 16 can connect to GPS satellites.

Lithium polymer battery capacity of 5400mAh provides about 20 minutes of flight, if not fully loaded copter and about 15 minutes when the total weight reaches the limits. In general, a standard flight time for a battery container, if you want to increase it - will have to take more capacitive battery. Charging 5400mAh-battery for 60 minutes.

Oktokopter flies quickly - it can reach a speed of 50 km / h. wherein takeoff speed was 2 m / s, and reducing - the same 2 m / s. Maximum altitude - 2438 meters. Resist wind oktokopter may, if the wind speed does not exceed 30 km / h.

Video camera online at 5.8Ghz transmitted frequency. It comes with camera GLIT Tau Infra Red, which can shoot video resolution 1980h1080, but the quality is not what you can get from GoPro and more advanced cameras.

It comes with a standard remote control of Draganfly. Its features and functions, see in this image.

Describing of remote control
Describing of remote control


Dimensions: 870 x 870 x 320 mm
The diameter of 1060 mm
Weight without battery: 1700 g
Replacement Weight: 800 g
Max. gross weight: 2500 g
Max. rise rate: 2 m / s
Max. reducing the rate of 2 m / s
Max. rotation speed: 90 ° / s
Poppy. Flight speed: 50 km / hour
Min. flight speed 0 km / hr
Max. Height: 2438 m
Flight time: about 20 minutes


Battery Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 5400mAh
Voltage: 14.8V
Dimensions: 98 x 67 x 34 mm
Charging time: 60 minutes


Presentation of copter

Examples of flights X8

Draganflyer X8 in Panama

an overview of the design

Flight of the X8 at full load

Testing of Draganflyer X8


For its time Draganflyer X8 was an excellent professional oktokopter, but now his time has passed. He lacks some advanced features, but the price remained at the level of the same. So if you are looking for  quadrocopter or multicopter camera for professional video recording from the air, be sure to call your attention to DJI S1000 or Draganflyer X4.