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Youbi XV-130
Youbi XV-130

Youbi XV-130 REVIEW

It's no secret that China is a country where everything is copied, cars, phones, toys, etc. There was a time when a product made in China was considered a third-class commodity because of its very low quality. But now Chinese products are not much different from the products of famous brands in quality, there was only a significant difference in price, in favor of the buyer. We hasten to present, the exact copy of the famous Atom V2 RotorX, the racing drone - Youbi XV-130.


Recall that the drone Atom V2 RotorX comes to the owner in completely disassembled condition, and this fact for some fans of UAV is a significant inconvenience. And Youbi XV-130 comes in a complete form.

Youbi XV-130 measures 150 × 115 × 350mm., With a weight of 115 grams without battery. The filling of the drone is the flight controller Awesome F3, the brushless motors 1306 3600KV (similar to the Atom) with the ESC controls BLHeli S-20A. The 600TVL FPV on-board camera transmits video at a 100 ° angle with a 40-channel transmitter at 5.8 GHz (including Raceband) with a power of 25, 200 and 400mW. It supports the battery 3S 900mAh 35C, 4S 600mAh 65C and 4S 1000mAh 65C, the type of connector XT30 with JST cable ..

And now the most important thing is the price Youbi XV-130, for the drone the Chinese ask only 140€, with the price for the dismantled Atom V2 RotorX - 370 € this is a very interesting option. At the moment, the drone is already available for sale.



Brand: Youbi

Model: XV-130

Color: white / gray / black

The length of the wing: 75mm.

Fuselage base: 130mm

Weight: 115g

Dimensions of the drone: 150 × 115 × 35mm

Color: white / black

Motors: BK 1306 3600kv

Regulators: 20A BLHELI-S

Flight Controller: AWISOME F3


Color rendering system: PAL / NTSC

Resolution: 600TVL

Video output: 1.0V75P-P ohm

Input voltage: 5V DC

Video Transmitter: 5.8Ghz

Transmitting power: 25/200 / 400mW

Number of channels: 40

Operating voltage: 5V-1A

Antenna: 5.8G

Operating frequency: 5600 - 6000mhz


Just an "atomic" drone, shows all its advantages with a 4S battery. The power of the engines is enough to cope simultaneously with the 4s 1000mAh and the Mobius mini camera. I did not like the stock carrier screws, the quality is poor, they are not balanced and cause vibrations. In practice, self-rotating bolts for fixing the unbrushless motors are revealed, before the first start it is better to put all the fasteners on the thread fixer. In general, the drone will please both pilots of the Pro class and amateurs. Completely worth your money. The age limit is 14+.