Mikrokopter Okto XL: copter for professional video

Mikrokopter Okto XL
Mikrokopter Okto XL
  • Title: Mikrokopter Okto XL
  • quadrocopters Type: ARF
  • Price: from $ 5500 and above
  • The latest version: 6S12

Oktocopter Okto XL from the German company Mikrokopter  is designed for those who are professionally engaged in video shooting in the air and ready for it to lay out a few thousand dollars. What comes with the copter and what are its characteristics - see below.


Oktocopter Okto XL is in the so-called «ARF» , which translates as "almost ready to fly» (Almost-ready-to-fly) and means that it is necessary to purchase only 2-3 things to quadrocopter can fly.

Paying 5 thousand dollars or more, you get:

  • 1x flight controller
  • 1x navigation controller
  • 1x MK-GPS V3 with GLONASS
  • 1x MKUSB
  • One oktocopter frame made of carbon fiber with LED-backlit
  • 2 housing for covering copter
  • 1x cap for covering copter
  • 4 lithium polymer battery capacity of 4500mAh 6s
  • 1x Y-cable to connect the battery
  • August 12-inch propellers for practice without loading oktocopter
  • April 12-inch propellers made of carbon fiber
  • possibility 8-mm mounts for the propellers
  • 8 brushless motors MK3644
  • 1x set of landing gear and fixings for lithium-polymer batteries
  • 1x commercial license for software
  • user guide

The package does not include:

  • remote control, such as the MC-32 or MX-20
  • charger

Also, you need to acquire (without these details copter will fly, but the meaning is not from him):

  • camera
  • Mount the camera (SLR 1, SLR or other)
  • telemetry system
  • instruments


Frame of oktocopter and propellers are made of carbon fiber, which makes them lighter, but at the same time stronger and more resistant to external damage

The latest model oktocopter 6s12 has many features that are in copter using GPS. Among them:

  • retention of height and position in the horizontal plane
  • flight on the previously specified coordinates
  • automatic return home to the starting point of the flight with the loss of signal

Plus of Mikrokopter Okto XL is its ease of assembly, as though it may sound strange. The fact that the supply copter is already set up and you get a fully functional drone. It is only necessary:

  • install the battery compartment
  • install landing gear
  • attach the receiver
  • attach the propeller

And you can fly!

With the help of telemetry during the flight you get online the following information to the control panel:

  • battery voltage
  • flight time
  • the use of battery capacity
  • altitude
  • Orientation copter in the air
  • current consumption
  • the number of connected GPS-satellites
  • flight speed
  • distance and direction to the initial take-off position
  • the possible error messages

Interestingly, the control panels MC-32 and MX-20 are equipped with voice output data. Those. if you include the retention of the position, you will hear from the «GPS Hold» console. high importance of the message, such as low battery, etc. spoken automatically.


An example of this you can see in the video below:

Specifications 6S12

Dimensions: 735x735x450 mm

Maximum lifting weight:> 5 kg

The total weight of the camera and all necessary: ~ 5 kg

The maximum flight time: 45 minutes

Average flight time: 18-28 minutes

Maximum range: line of sight

Maximum altitude: up to 5 km



Mikrokopter Okto XL with a full complement of accessories costs about the same as and different from the Chinese professional oktocopter DJI Innovations - DJI S1000. What to choose - is up to you, perhaps someone the phrase "German quality" will be decisive in choosing the model, and someone will seem more profitable to save a thousand or two and purchase DJI S1000 Plus.