Review of 3D Robotics IRIS +

3D Robotics IRIS Plus - a new development of the American company 3D Robotics. The boasts of the quadrocopter which features laid in it the manufacturer? Let's face it.

  • Price: $ 750
  • Type of quadrocopters: RTF
  • Release Date: 2014

3D Robotics IRIS + from the generation of drones, which are the most advanced, the most advanced of its time. But more about this later, but for now let's look at the design quadrocopters:

3D Robotics IRIS +
3D Robotics IRIS +

Externally IRIS + looks very cool. It is more like some kind of futuristic robot drone of sci-fi movie about the end of the 21st century than in the copter with four rotors the beginning of the 21st century. And this design is certainly very likely to appeal to fans of science fiction and know-how.

Unlike many quadrocopters its class (same DJI Phantom 2), located on the IRIS + is not the usual landing gear that is usually attached to the body, and 4 support legs. They attach themselves to the rays from the bottom, just under the motors and propellers and provide a sufficiently high suspension for copter.

Central quadrocopters platform is designed as an oval, with it when the front part of the round, the back cover has a shape.

Central quadrocopters platform
Central quadrocopters platform

In general, when you first look at the IRIS Plus comes to mind immediately Draganflyer Guardian, although upon close examination it is still under review differs significantly from our copter.


But design is not only something to bother 3D Robotics: Our drone has many features that are essential to any modern quadrocopter. Namely:

  • The presence of GPS-module, which allows copter to use the autopilot, including for the safe return to the starting point of the flight.
  • Using the free app DroidPlanner 2, users can schedule a copter flight not only at a certain location, but also indicate where the camera is aimed.
  • Yes, of course, IRIS + was created specifically for those who are going to use the camera and record video from the air for yourself or for someone else. Officially supported by GoPro cameras (including 4 Hero), but given the number of clones on the market seems to us that other cameras would also be compatible with the attachment that is located under the body quadrocopters.
  • In addition to mounting, complete and are shock absorbers that dampen vibration from the copter in the air and produce more high-quality video.
  • But the main feature of the drone that sets it apart from other competitors - the possibility of including «Follow Me» function. This means that the drone will follow you at a certain distance, taking off your tricks and all that you do. In this mode, the mount is also carried out automatic control, and the system will focus the camera is on you. All that is necessary for this mode - the device is GPS-enabled, that is to say, a smartphone.

By the way, a similar function have the latest DJI Inspire 1, but it costs about 3000 dollars.

Flight time from quadrocopters normal - 16 to 22 minutes, depending on the load. Maximum laden copter will be in the air for about 15 minutes, but lightweight - for 5-7 minutes more.

Complete with quadrocopters are all the necessary parts to run it:


  • directly copter frame with rays and filling the entire interior
  • 4 support legs
  • Battery and charger
  • remote control and ground station
  • set of tools and cables
  • user guide and map control checks before the flight

Also with the order quadrocopters can buy two axial gimbal suspension of Tarot, a spare battery and other spare parts. Fans of the FPV - the opportunity to watch a video camera online - can be useful to system type in the first person 3DR FPV for $ 350. And if you take the whole set with the camera GoPro Hero4, then get a little more than two thousand dollars, while the bulk of the money will be spent on the camera, and the suspension system of the form of first-person.


Diagonal size - of 550 mm

Height - 100 mm

Weight with battery - 1282 g

The maximum additional weight of 400 g

The propellers are - 9.5 x 4.5 mm

Motors - 950 kV

GPS - uBlox GPS with built-in magnetometer

Power source - Lithium-polymer battery 3S 5100mAh in capacity

Flight time - 16-22 minutes, depending on the load


3D Robotics IRIS + quadrocopters was very high quality, which can not only compete with the copter by DJI Innovations, but to be better than them. He has a lot of undeniable advantages, which can be written as a fairly low price as well as ample opportunities for modification and configuration of the drone "for themselves." And, of course, we can not forget about the distinctive feature of the new copter - en video mode. IRIS + displays selfie to the next level! :)