Yuneec breeze 4k review - selfie drone

Quadrocopter Yuneec Breeze 4K is another product of the well-established company Yuneec International Co. Ltd. is designed for shooting video and photos. It will be an excellent flying camera for lovers of quality selfies. The drone does not require great piloting skills, flight mode settings allow you to concentrate on rare frames. The UAV is safe and dynamic in flight. Quadrocopter is perfect for fans to make personal photos in unexpected angles.

Selfie drone Yuneec Breeze 4K
Selfie drone Yuneec Breeze 4K

Appearance of Yuneec Breeze 4K

Overview Yuneec Breeze 4K start with an external inspection. Externally, the drone has a very solid appearance, the body is made of glossy plastic of white color. Assembly of Yuneec Breeze quality without play and clearance between parts. Quadrocopter has small dimensions and weight, 24 cm in diameter and only 385 grams. Its compact form makes it convenient to carry out transportation, for this there is a special case. At the same time, the propellers and landing drums of the drone are folded making it even more convenient and compact.

In the configuration of the device there are 4 spare screws in case of major failure, and protection for them.

Motors for rotor-free rotor-type screws have a capacity of 2206kv. The power of the quadrocopter is carried out by the battery 3S 11.1V 1150mAh LiPo. Two spare batteries are attached to the device to increase the duration of flights. One fully charged battery allows you to fly 12 minutes. Another nice bonus is a very short battery charging time - only 20 minutes.

Battery of Yuneec Breeze 4K
Battery of Yuneec Breeze 4K

The Breeze is equipped with GPS sensors and IPS positioning system to hold the position indoors.

Specefication of Yuneec Breeze 4K


196 x 196 x 65 mm


385 g


3S 11.1 V 1150 mAh LiPo

Time of flight

12 min

Max. height

80 m

Max. speed

18 km/h (programmatically limited)

Positioning system

Optical Flow + GPS

Compatibility with mobile devices

Android is not below 4.2.2



Mobile application for control Breeze 4k drone

Controlling the quadrocopter and camera device is performed using a mobile device. To do this, you need to download the application Breeze Cam. After pairing the application with quadrocopter, you can start flying and shooting. The application offers the user a lot of background information on flight control and changes in camera settings, so there will be no difficulties with the use.

Breeze app
Breeze app
Breeze app

The application menu for management allows you to select flight modes, limit altitude and flight range, change camera settings, survey resolutions, and quickly edit photos. In addition, the program allows you to quickly share pictures and videos directly from the application to any social network. The application broadcasts the image in real time, this allows you to adjust the flight and not miss a rare frame.


In the event of a loss of communication with the device, for example, if the phone suddenly sits or receives a call, the quadroopter will simply hang in one place and will hover for one minute at the last link. If the connection does not resume, the UAV will automatically go into the home return mode.

Transmitter of Breeze 4k

The controller is not included with the device. This is due to the fact that the drone almost does not require manual control. Nevertheless, by purchasing a transmitter, you can attach a smartphone to it and use it as a monitor for FPV flights. The transmitter looks like a game controller and will be intuitively understood by gamers.

Transmitter of breez 4k
Transmitter of breez 4k

For fans of flights in glasses there is a set of "FPV & Controller Kit" which, in addition to the controller, also includes VR-glasses in which the phone is fixed.

Flight modes of Yuneec breeze

The application allows you to use the following flight modes:


  • Pilot Mode - full control over the device.
  • Selfie Mode - The mode is designed to run Selfie. With the help of sliders on the phone you can control the altitude of the flight of the drone and also the distance.
  • Orbit mode - as the name implies, in this mode the drone will fly around you.
  • Journey mode - in this mode the drone flies away from you for 45 meters, and then slowly approaches, focusing on you.
  • Follow Me - the drone flies after you making a general survey.

Camera of Breeze 4K drone

Yuneec Breeze 4K review can not be imagined without mentioning the camera, because it is designed for shooting. The drone is equipped with a high-quality 4K camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels. Suspension is absent, since the camera is built into the body of the device, for the stabilization of the image in this case, the electronics and dampers are responsible for damping the vibration. The camera's viewing angle is 117 degrees, while it is able to change the angle of inclination in the vertical plane by 90 degrees. Video modes: UHD (4K): 3840 x 2160, FHD: 1920 × 1080, HD: 1280 × 720.

The photos from the camera are clear, of high quality. Four shooting modes are implemented, which can be specified in the application. The camera has 16 GB of internal memory. The device memory is also managed through the application.

Specifications of camera


1/3.06 CMOS

Tilt Camera


Image stabilization



UHD (4 k): 3840 x 2160/30 FPS (480 p Livebild)
HD: 1920 x 1080/30 FPS stabilisiert (720 p Livebild)
HD ready: 1280 x 720/60 FPS stabilisiert (720 p Livebild)


4 k-4160 x 3120 Pixel (MP 13)

Viewing angle


Shooting modes

Intense, RAW, normal, night

White balance

Auto, sunny, dawn, sunset, cloudy, incandescent, salute, Disabled


16 GB Flash




It is worth noting that the Yuneec Breeze 4K reviews are only positive. It can be safely stated that by all characteristics it is the best offer in its niche. It is easy to operate, compact and easy to transport. The camera has excellent characteristics. It does not require special settings, it can fully function immediately after removal from the package. Allows you to quickly share pictures with your friends on social networks. And it has a small price. Yuneec Breeze will please any fan of making not only selfies, but also quality collective pictures.