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SwellPro Swift 2
SwellPro Swift 2

Splash Drone

Splash drone is the world's first amphibious drone in the world. Carry GoPro camera with dive easy to record your life at moment, especially water sports wonderful moment. With 2 or 3 axle brackets to make air shots so easy. Enjoy a very real flight experience with the GoPro camera as the eye (FPV feature). With objects latest design payload message mechanism can carry up to 1.0 kg and exactly fall where you want. Splashdrone is not just a flying camera, but also a super strong flight tool for various types of applications.

Splash Drone
Splash Drone

The design stands out for the Splash Drone:

1. Payload trigger mechanism: Capable of dropping a two-pound payload on turning a switch.

2. Waterproof Camera Gimbal: This waterproof 2AXIS kartan allows the pilot to tilt the GoPro camera in the air and lose the fear of landing on the water while watching live video feed back.

3. Splash Drone Dive Enclosure: Gets live video directly from the GoPro and into the videoender.

4. Emergency LED Torch: Can strike a stray light 300 feet in the air for up to 15 minutes. This is a great improvement compared to traditional flares, which only take about a few seconds in the air. -> Buy extra accessories

5. Lifeguards delivery: Splash Drone can supply an automatically inflating rescue ring to a float in emergency in seconds. - Buy extra accessories

6. Integrated Video Transmitter: Can transmit a clear video signal for up to 2 mile.

7. Sweeping Home: The Splash Drone will automatically return to the start position when the radio contact is lost.

8. Telemetry flight control and remote control: telemetry on the hand surface of the hand, giving you its location, altitude, distance and battery status

9. Self propelled propeller: Customized make # 12 "self-tightening carbon fiber propeller included.

10. Smart Balance Charger: Splash Drone Simple Battery Charger. No complicated setting.

11. Follow me mode: Will follow the pilot, where he goes without the need to control the drone. - Only for AUTO version

12. App Based Control: Allows the pilot to fly the Splash drone with an Android device. - Only for AUTO version

13. Autonomous missions: allows the pilot to drop waypoints and let the SplashDrone run a particular trajectory. - Only for AUTO version

14 Aluminum case: fully enclosed aluminum case, which is lightweight and easy to carry with customer-specific cut foam to keep everything safe and organized inside.

The SPLASHDRONE comes with 3 different versions: RTF version, PRO version and AUTO version.

1. The RTF version is a fully ready-to-fly system that incorporates the flight control and telemetry radio remote control system and the setup, ready to fly. The gyro activated in manual mode, the SPLASHDRONE of other drones. People can fly in manual mode easy to fly and do not worry of the sudden fly away. According to the comprehensive feedback, most fly away accidents happen because the environmental interference disturb the GPS module either the compass or the GPS signal. So, now SPLASHDRONE can fly on the road because of the complex disturbances from the environment, without worries suddenly out of control. SPLASHDRONE supports autopilots hovering with altitude and position lock and hold for greater stability, cruise around, low battery auto landing outside the range car return home, and a return button functions. The RTF version is completely watertight and has a fast freestanding plate for attaching a waterproof camera.

The SPLASHDRONE has super easy-to-use wizard software ....


2. The Pro version is waterproof for obtaining professional video results with a fully stabilized camera on a cardanic 2AXIS. The PRO version is the perfect choice for the amateur or professional wanting top model of the recordings. The SPLASHDRONE - PRO version comes with an onboard, MI600mw video transmitter, a 7 "FPV screen with a sunshade, the new waterproof release mechanism.


3. The AUTO version: Basic to PRO version, the AUTO version adds an UPGRADE flight control system that allows to go with the ground station module that allows the pilot to fly the Splashdrone with an Android device. Setup follow me function; Setup autonomous missions - allows the pilot to plot waypoints and have the SplashDrone run a given trajectory.


Body Frame: Super strong and light ABS material with sealed design.

Product Size: Diameter: 500mm, Height: 120mm (without landing gear)

Propeller, Height: 230mm (with landing gear)

Product Weight: 1150g, Max flightweight over 2500g.

Brushless Motor: 650kv waterproof treatment brushless motor

ESC: High end 40A ESC

Propeller x 2 sets: # 1243 Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propeller (1set)

LiPo Battery: 4S 4500mAh LiPo Battery

"" Inner Size: 160mm × 160mm × 55mm

Remote Controller: 8 Channel Telemetry Controller

Flight control: Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module inside

Intelligent Circuit: Low battery detection, dual voltage regulation circuit (5V & 12V).

Top Cover: Nano materials water vented cover * 1

Fly Time: 4S 4500mAh LiPo: without load 19 minutes

Indication LED: 4 super bright direction indication LEDs with low battery warning function

Hanging Screw: 4 threaded mounting holes and adapter plate for mounting the Gimbal

Landing Gear: carbon fiber quick-release landing gear

Balance Charger: Compact design, high-efficiency, smart balance charger with built-in power adapter

Dual Usage: Quick-detach design that allows quick change from waterproof flying to GimbalFPV for professional photography

Alloy suitcase: Customized, strong alloy suitcase to for FPV and RTF SPLASHDRONE.