Foldable mini selfie drone Passport can be caught on the fly

Startup Zero Zero Robotics introduced a compact foldable mini selfie drone with a 13-megapixel camera and the ability to shoot 4K video. The device has already been called the ideal self-camera, since unlike most drones, its flight can be controlled manually - the Passport propellers are hidden under the trellis panels.


If there is nothing surprising in drones-folding beds, then safe quadrocopters are still very rare. Foldable mini selfie drone Passport can be caught on the fly without fear of injury - the propellers are securely covered by plastic panels. When folded, the drone does not exceed the size of the video cassette and weighs only 242 grams. Due to the small size of the UAV does not need to be registered.


The device costs $ 549 running on the Snapdragon Flight platform from Qualcomm. The power reserve is 20 meters. If there is no wind, Passport may be in the air for an additional 10 minutes in a static state. Quadrocopter reaches a maximum speed of 8 m / s, i.e. about 29 km / h, reports Engadget.

The kit includes two batteries and a charger, together with a drone. Passport control does not require controllers - you can control traffic through the application on iOS or Android.


The company introduced the drone in the spring of this year under the name Hover Camera, but on sale it entered just now - already called Passport.


Quadrocopter is not in vain called the ideal drone for selfie. A 13-megapixel camera with the ability to shoot video in 4K and 360-degree video is not the only function of the device. Foldable mini selfie drone Passport can automatically follow the person and direct their lens to the user's face, and also circling around the subject.

The drones industry is developing at a fast pace. Recently Intel introduced Falcon 8+ - commercial drone for industrial works. The leader among the companies for the production of unmanned vehicles is still DJI, which owns 70% of the market. Recently, she released a collapsible self-drahn weighing 700 grams and costing $ 1,000. In the US, the demand for quadrocopters is growing. Over the past nine months in America, more than half a million drones have been recorded.