Draganflyer Guardian review: an expensive and lightweight professional quadrocopter

Draganflyer Guardian
Draganflyer Guardian
  • Title: Draganflyer Guardian / Draganflyer Shadow
  • quadrocopter Type: RTF
  • Price: from $ 7000 and above
  • Release date: beginning of 2014

Draganflyer Guardian - one of the most expensive radio-controlled drones, despite the fact that the size of it is two times less than the DJI S1000. What caused such a price? Let's face it.


Despite the higher cost, quadrocopter Draganflyer Guardian is small. The length and width of it is a little more half a meter and a height - a quarter of a meter. Copter Total weight without battery and small - only 1050 grams. This is less than the Phantom 2 Vision Plus!

Light weight has been achieved due to the fact that the frame and quadrocopter beams are made of carbon fiber and molded plastic. Motors - Brushless and propellers are made of durable nylon.

In the copter housing - built a powerful process that is equipped with 11 touch sensors. This led to rapid flight speed (50 km / h) and with a stable flight. Also do not forget about the GPS and that there may be due to him holding the position and automatic return home to the starting point of the flight.

Interestingly, the landing gear is not attached to the housing quadrocopter and to its rays below the motor.

All data of telemetry during the flight are transmitted to the control panel, which is also equipped with a mount for smartphones or tablets, which may be broadcast online video.

Draganflyer Guardian remote control
Draganflyer Guardian remote control

By the way, about the equipment. Paying 7000 bucks you get:

  • Frame Draganflyer Guardian, including 4 brushless motors, propellers and landing gear;
  • Two four-cell lithium-polymer battery at 2700mAh;
  • Remote Control;
  • Station for receiving and transmitting video online;
  • Sony QX100 camera and gimbal suspension that can stabilize the two corners;
  • Charger Thunder Power RC 610C-ACDC, balancer and power supply;
  • Durable hard case for quadrocopters;
  • Bag charger and battery;
  • A pair of spare propellers;
  • User's Guide and Journal for recording flight data.

Additionally, you can buy a spare battery, propellers, the second control unit (Draganflyer Guardian supports the work at once with 2 remote controls, as well as DJI Inspire 1) and gimbal suspension for GoPro (also stabilizes at 2 corners).

Currently sold 3 and 4-th version Draganflyer Guardian. Between themselves, they differ in size (more than the latest version) and with the updated software.



Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 255 mm
Diameter: 725 mm
Weight without battery: 1050 g
Replacement Weight: 420 g
Max. gross weight 1470 g
Max. rise rate: 2 m / s
Max. reducing the rate of 2 m / s
Max. rotation speed: 90 ° / s
Poppy. Flight speed: 50 km / hour
Min. flight speed 0 km / hr
Max. Height: 2438 m
Power Supply: Li-Polymer battery (included 2 pieces per 2700mAh)
Flight time from 10-15 minutes or more, depending on the battery


Dimensions: 62,5 x 62,5 x 55,5 mm
Weight: 179 g (with battery and media)
Matrix: Exmor R ™ CMOS 1.0 "
Lens: ZEISS Vario Sonnar T *
Optical zoom: 3.6x
Focal Length: f = 10,4-37,1 mm
Aperture: f / 1.8 (wide angle) - 4.9 (telephoto)
ISO: 160-25600
Record video: MP4 1920x1080 16 Mbit / s


Draganflyer Guardian (Shadow) - interesting model of copter, which in addition to the advantages there are also disadvantages. Let's compare the strengths and weaknesses of the copter.


  • Lightweight - you can safely carry, or carry in your hand, if necessary;
  • Sold in RTF equipment - all that is needed - it is already there. No need to spend time on the selection of components and assembly quadrocopter from scratch;
  • Dual controls;
  • Included is a camera that takes great pictures;
  • Stable and fast during flight.


  • The chassis is not folding, and hence, they can interfere and appear in the picture during shooting;
  • Small flying weight - only 1470 grams (compare it with the gross weight of the same DJI S1000!);
  • The short duration of the flight batteries that are included.