Review of quadrocopters DJI Phantom 4: Step into the Future

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Phantom 4

Title: DJI Phantom 4

Series: Phantom

quadrocopters Type: RTF

Release date: April 2016

Price: $ 1,399

Managed by the operator from the ground aircraft first appeared in the form of military robots that are used for reconnaissance of the terrain before conducting military operations, artillery and adjustment works of visual tracking the redeployment potential enemy.

With quite a rapid development of manufacturing technology of drones, their value began to decrease, which will in the beginning of the XXI century, using them in agriculture, construction and rescue services.

The Chinese company DJI - considered a pioneer of the development of the flying drones, or as they are called in the world of UAVs - that its engineers have developed and released to the world market in 2013, a unique model of the Phantom. It produces various modifications of the original helicopter designed for aerial photography of any complexity.

Models of the series Phantom considered leaders of sales - in 2014 it was sold over 400 thousand Phantom Series 2 and 3, and in the last year, these indicators increased significantly, indicating that the special interest of users it is to this model..


In Europe, long ago passed a law prohibiting the use of flying low-power devices in an urban setting, at the end of last year, the State Duma approved a decree limiting the use of this know-how in the Russian cities. Every owner of an expensive toy is now obliged to register it in the relevant public services.


Once you open the case, in which carefully packed Phantom-4, I immediately notice that this model is much more graceful previous Phantom-3. At the bottom of quadrocopters engineers have placed a powerful and innovative electronics, and placed at the top of GPS sensor and motor control, located on the symmetric pylons.


Support structures have become a little higher, we can safely say that the new Ghost "grow legs from the ears." Housing - white, sleek, made in the style of fusion, which means in translation synthesis or fusion. Flowing lines contribute to the aerodynamics, so the new model is able to gain speed in seconds.


The propellers on the DJI Phantom 4 established an open, thereby reducing the heating body shell during heavy acceleration or deceleration during flight. They are attached by means of a new mechanism to visually resembles the lid of the bottle.


4K-camera can do very impressive images and video from the Phantom every year more refined and has a stunning quality.


In addition to new features during the flight, which will be discussed in the next section-4 Phantom to learn a little more capacious battery, pretty smooth, we can safely say that even a perfect body line, which attract the eyes of potential buyers.


The helicopter with four symmetrically arranged engines with propellers called copter, multicopter - he is able to rise to a height of 1000 m above sea level, to produce video and photography at any altitude during flight and in hover mode.

Phantom-4 has a function "follow your subject," 2 special cameras track, obstacles that prevent the normal flight, and embedded processor calculates the path flyby them.

This model is not just a copter, but rather smart drone that can take decisions independently in different situations. When an obstacle is detected, it passes them on the shortest path without departing from the main route.


If detected a massive obstacle that he can not overcome on their own, the Phantom hangs in front of the object, and waits for further instructions from you.

Flight New multicopter much faster and more stable than that of his earlier "colleagues", the range increased to 5 km. On assurance engineers DJI new Ghost will not crash into the wall or any other obstacle, with its help it is impossible to attack people or ground targets.


In the management of the Ghost is the latest feature TapFly, literally pressed - flew. Now you do not need to meticulously study the manual: press on the button "take-off" point-line or object tracking and see on the screen the transmitted video for fun.

After spending 1400 dollars, you get a modern quadrocopter with the following parameters:

  • takeoff weight - 1370 g;
  • Flight speed (maximum) - 72 km / h;
  • rate of climb / descent - 21.5 / 14.3 km / h;
  • Flight duration - 28 minutes;
  • shooting range - up to 5 km;
  • battery capacity - 5350 mAh.

Recognize noise helps system consisting of 5 cameras: 2 bottom, 2 front and main rotating 360 °. The image is converted to a 3D-model analyzes the processor and issued the most optimal way flyby of obstacles.


Ghost is not only perfectly holds the moving objects in the field of his "vision", but stable returns, thanks to a more powerful system SmartGoHome.

The camera and its stabilization

On Phantom-4 installed 4K-camera capable of capturing various moments of a quality not inferior to professional filmmaking equipment. Recording is done at a rate of 30 frames per second, and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels at a speed of 120 k / s, which corresponds to the high-definition video (Full HD). This mode is used when recording smooth video Slow Motion.

The camera has 10 color profiles, allowing you to give a recorded scene almost any form of Vivid mode - lively, racy, to Cine-D and D-Log, which are used in further processing of pro video.

On the handset has an aspherical lens of the latest sample with a viewing angle of 94 °, reduces the possibility of distortion at 36%. 4K-camera takes 12 megapixel photos with support for Adobe DNG RAW. Extract has a range of 8-1 / 8000, ISO while shooting up to 3200.

Significantly improved stabilization, which is in constant contact with the flight control system. Special lens hyperfocal type allows you to approach the object of interest on the minimum distance, while maintaining a stable focus. About quality video footage with the Phantom 4 can be seen in this video:

As for the fly at night, the lighting is sufficient for 100 m - radius ample, but there is a caveat - if the ground is a little fog haze, the copter can not see the horizon.


Smart class improved battery was developed specifically for the new DJI Phantom 4, it delivers high-quality performance and effective return. Technical data Battery:

  • capacity - 5350 mA / h;
  • voltage - 15,2 V;
  • Power - 81 W / h;
  • type - lithium polymer 4S;
  • Power charge max - 100 W;
  • Working temperature: -10o- + 40oC;
  • weight - 462 g

We have special battery sensors and LEDs which indicate the status of the battery cells and discharging online.


Here is a list of the main features of the power supply:

  • through the use of new materials and innovative solutions in the design has been significantly increased capacity;
  • 4 LEDs alert you about the charge level and battery status;
  • a new accommodation concept in quadrocopters housing;
  • Connector upgrade provides more comfort during charging, a much better functionality.

In case of not intended use, the battery is discharged to the off-line in advance of a certain charge level to ensure the safety of its storage and subsequent use.

DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 3

First are the general differences between the new model copter from DJI company over earlier counterparts - the Phantom model line DJI 3, and then consider specific differences.


There were 4 Phantom improved features:

  • "Active Track" - the identification of a given object and shooting on the move, with an absolute hit in the center of the frame;
  • "Hold-fly" - you only need to specify the desired point on the display, and the unit itself to build up her flight, while avoiding the obstacles encountered;
  • «SportMode» - sport flight mode, not previously used, copter accelerates to 72 km / h, a sports mode for entertainment;
  • «SmartGoHome» - you do not need to worry about the return of expensive toys back when visual contact is lost.

The new model features a modern design - The Phantom has become more elegant with graceful, flowing lines, purchased high-end housing aerodynamic qualities.


Developers fundamentally changed propellers - now they are a class push-and-release (press and release), it is more efficient to carry out flights in compliance with security measures. Mini-motors themselves new assembly with improved characteristics and appearance.


Mounting the camera has undergone significant changes - more quality stabilization, compatible with flight adjustment system. About improvement of shooting we have said on different modes.

As a result, we see clearly that the new Phantom is much better on all models, the price is different from the Professional is not so much a flight characteristics and quality of filming is much higher.

DJI Phantom 4 vs DJI Inspire 1

Designers multicopter model Inspire 1 - gone from the hard engine mount and made the overall design compact and practical, in the rise and do not interfere with shooting the flight engine mounts.

The frame is made of carbon fiber and is attached to the main body 2 by means of splines. Outwardly resembles copter Enlish letter "H".


Its weight of 2.94 kg, which is twice the weight of the Ghost - 1.38 kg, so the latter is more mobile, easier to travel with him.

But Inspire Design is durable and due to the impressive weight it is more resistant to counter crosswinds and, besides blade propellers and the engines more. Ghost-4 is made of durable plastic, it is lightweight, and can not resist strong wind, although it has increased aerodynamic properties.


DJI Inspire 1 rather vulnerable - he does not "see" the side barriers, which can damage it, but to avoid a collision with the ground during landing it has a special sonar.

Phantom has 4 security cameras: the bottom and the front of the body to help and warn of the danger - it is easily flies occurring interference.

Cameras at multicopter different in design, but almost identical in basic characteristics. But batteries have different: Inspire-1 capacity of 4500 mAh and charge only enough for 18 minutes of flight, and at the Phantom - 5350, and the flight time is 10 minutes longer.

With regard to flight characteristics, then we celebrate the Ghost simple operation - pressed the button and fly for fun without any problems over long distances, thus obtaining high-quality video. We Inspire 1 excellent wind resistance, powerful design - all this allows you to achieve results at the professional level.


The result of the comparison is as follows: Inspire 1 is designed for professionals, it is a significant and powerful, so it required certain management skills and ability, and Phantom-4 - for recreational shooting of youth, we can say that it is an expensive toy for the younger generation.

Impressions from the flights

I decided to test the tracking mode for the subject - clearly holds in the center of the frame, constantly keeping their distance. If you lose contact (obscured obstacle or object shooting went inside the building), the drone is moving in the same direction, circling the trees around the house. Phantom hovered by the door and wait for the sister's home and continued shooting, very cool.


Phantom 4 has expanded my horizons when shooting video with a bird's-eye view - a beauty I could see only on the rollers of professional operators. Impressive and function Tap with Fly, is click on the desired point on the screen - it flies is there.

Familiar works in the studio for recording video events - looked my stories and persuaded the authorities to acquire Phantom-4, and now they have added clients widow, because everyone wants a keepsake videos shot in an unusual way.


Here are some tips for users:

  • When you run the Ghost in an open area where there are outside observers, be prepared for the fact that you instantly become the object of attention: the children will be asked to try the remote control; adult torment questions about the characteristics. I personally did not have occasion to someone walked past.
  • Sport mode it is necessary to include only the open countryside - copter is very quickly gaining speed.
  • After the flight in the evening, be prepared for the fact that the entire snow-white hull and propellers will be tracks from collision with insects - it does not matter, they can be easily removed with a soft cloth.
  • Try this fun - crosswind put the unit on a carrying case, a rather complex exercise.
  • Follow the direction of the antenna on the remote when the copter is at a distance, do not turn them to the ground or in the opposite direction - lost link.

In conclusion, I will say the following: it is necessary to read the manual and try out all the proposed functions in practice, although many will no longer need to Phantom operation - however, everyone will understand yourself.


Flight distance test DJI Phantom 4

Test Phantom 4 in follow mode

Unpacking, assembly and first flight of the Phantom 4


Talking about the positive qualities of the new Phantom 4, we note the following:

  • His rise to the P3P feature has become more accurate and fairly smooth.
  • The device is very obedient and does not try to fly away from the host.
  • Quadrocopters used for different purposes: video clips of high-speed movement, such as cycling or rollerblading; for shooting with a decent height.
  • Due to the high resolution 12-pixel 4K cameras, it is possible to make high-quality photos from any angle.
  • SmartGoHome function reliably ensures the return copter ago.
  • Phantom himself lands in case of reduction of the battery to a critical.
  • Security cameras perfectly respond to all sorts of obstacles, even during night flights backlit.
  • Sport mode provides reliable speed when the high-speed pursuit of goals.
  • The device hangs in front of an obstacle, which prevents injuries bystanders when using it in a public place.


The new model Phantom turned out excellent quality, but by cons are not perfect:

  • at startup, some users complain about the partial loss of the signal, although the maximum rate is set at a mark;
  • not enough high-quality audio recording, you can hear only the buzzing of the screws;
  • SportMode can not be used in an urban environment - copter pretty much puts on bends.


Phantom 4 ability to provide video footage at a high level and make high-quality photos from any angle once attracted the attention of journalists, professional operators and, of course, ordinary fans. His smooth flight can be enjoyed for a long time, and all the friends and neighbors will envy you, especially when you show the results of running.

The new model of quadrocopters DJI company called the most unique and stunning product created by developers and designers from China.


This innovative model is ideal for the advanced young people filming extreme sports, in the form of reports, travel and conduct outdoor activities.