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Airselfie drone review

Mini drones for shooting selfies are on the wave of popularity, but the technology race has so far produced nothing but promises and spectacular press releases. The AirSelfie Quadrocopter can be the first gadget to finally fulfill the consumer's dream of a simple and convenient way of aerial photography of himself, a loved one. 

In dimensions, the drone does not exceed the standard smartphone: its dimensions are 6.7x6.4x1cm. Weighs AirSelfie 52 grams, two to three times less popular models of Apple phones, Samsung, Xiaomi and so on. The developers went further and designed for the gadget a special case for carrying and charging, into which a smartphone is inserted. The whole design is placed in a regular pocket.


AirSelfie body is made of anodized aluminum. The gadget is equipped with four rotors, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, a sonar, a 2.4 GHz Wi-FI module and a built-in micro-SD memory card with a capacity of 4 gigabytes. A 5-megapixel resolution camera, located at the end, removes photos and videos in HD. In the lower part of the case there is another tiny camera, to stabilize the drone in flight.

All this electronics quickly exhausts the resources of the drone. Batteries for 260 mAh are only enough for three minutes of flight. This time is more than enough for shooting selfie and even a small video-clip, after which the gadget is sent to the cover-powerbank for half an hour. The external battery can recharge AirSelfie twenty times, thereby prolonging its operating time to an hour - with interruptions.


The flying qualities of the mini-quadrocopter are impressive for such a tiny device. He rises to a height of up to twenty meters, hangs in place for shooting and gently lands on the owner's hand. The user can also simply take in hand a floating in the air drone. The developers strongly advise against using the gadget in strong winds.

AirSelfie is controlled from the smartphone in three modes of varying degrees of complexity. The basic "SELFI" mode allows you to move the drone closer or closer by pressing a button, "self-controlled" includes a virtual joystick for more control. The third mode, "flight", gives full control over the movements of the quadrocopter. The mobile application downloads the footage to the smartphone, pictures and videos are immediately ready for placement in social networks.