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3D Robotics (3DR) Iris - User Manual.pdf



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3D Robotics (3DR) Pixhawk Schematic - User Manual.pdf



3D Robotics (3DR) Site Scan GoPro - User Manual.pdf



3D Robotics (3DR) Solo - User Manual.pdf



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3DR Solo

3DR Solo (full name: 3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone) - quadrocopter for photo and video. Processing of photos and videos made using 2 computers with a frequency of 1 GHz. Solo transmit HD image and video in real time is required for tablet or smartphone. There is a function «Follow Me», which allows you to automatically follow any subject for photos and videos.

Release Date: Spring 2015

3DR Solo
3DR Solo

Externally Smart Drone differs from its predecessors - IRIS + and X8. This is a completely new and unique design, unlike anything on one another quadrocopter.


  • One of the main features of 3DR Solo - open source software (Open Source), which can be modified "by itself", for specific tasks.
  • "Smart Battery" indication
  • LED lights for direction
  • Lidar - for indoor flight
  • Ballistic parachute
  • 2 PC with 1GHz processor, one - in the copter, the second - in the management of the equipment. Communication between them is carried out on the Wi-Fi 3DR Link
  • Solo Gimbal (sold separately) - a special suspension is designed for GoPro.
  • The control panel features a joystick for video games
  • A strange feature: the presence of the storage compartment in the accessories package. Ostensibly to save space in your backpack or briefcase, but why they are needed within the copter?


  • Size: 460 mm
  • Propellers: 10 "
  • Weight: 1800 g, and the suspension without the camera - 1500 g
  • Flight controller: Pixhawk 2
  • Motors: 880kv
  • Staff Battery: 5200mAh 4S (14.8V)
  • Flight time: 20 minutes with a suspension set and a camera (25 minutes without them).
  • Range of flight: 8 km claimed by the manufacturer, but in practice it turns a little more than 1 km, with attachments - from 2 km (with non-standard antennas - 2.5 km).
  • Max. speed: 89 km / h
  • Max. take-off speed: 10 m / s
  • Max. Height: 260 m (262m recorded)

flight modes

  1. "Cable cam" - is the emulation mode on the camera cable, you can select any two points in space and carry out shooting in flight between them regardless of the copter and tilt the camera.
  2. shooting mode "orbit" - the circular object shooting, the radius can be set.
  3. shooting mode "selfie" - copter will fly around you and shoot.
  4. Mode "follow me" - copter will fly over you and shoot.
  5. There are also other automatic modes: take-off, landing, go home, pause in flight.

Remote Control

Remote Control 3DR Solo
Remote Control 3DR Solo

On the remote control provided 3DR Solo mount mobile device iOS or Android. Adjustable clamp allows to install and smartphones and tablets.

The remote is equipped with the HDMI-output port for Picture from the board 3DR Solo HD-quality on any monitor or TV.