review · 08. November 2017
- Management from the smartphone (The application is available for Android and iOS) - See on your smartphone what the drone sees, live, and take photos / videos. - Super features takeoff and landing with one button suitable for beginners - Flight by points, you choose the route for your flight on your smartphone. - Altitude hold mode and built-in gyroscope for good selfies - Cool lighting for night flights - Surprise your friends, you can easily take a quadcopter with you. It is easily...
review · 06. November 2017
Self-drones burst into our lives brazenly: it would seem that a year ago such a phrase could only cause a smile, and today pocket drones with a camera are already an inseparable attribute of young people and fashion bloggers. In this article, we'll talk about how to keep up with life and choose the coolest drone for air selfies. In our top-list we got devices of different price categories: from cheap quadrocopters, which even a schoolboy can accumulate to top models, photos of which will not be...
DIY · 06. November 2017
As it turned out, a perfect symmetrical frame for a quadrocopter can be made from the Lego Designer. Looking for an excuse to play with the designer again? Here's a good reason :) And by the way, such a drone turned out to be cheap, and you will not need special tools like for example in this manual (I recommend you look at it for comparison too). I used the Lego Technician set, because it has holes in the "bricks" of the designer. The motor and flight controller I took from the popular Hubsan...
review · 05. November 2017
What is a quadcopter with a camera? It's clear that this is the same flying unmanned vehicle with four engines and the same number of propellers, but equipped with video and a camera. There are, of course, multi-rotor systems, which have more than four engines, for example, 6 or 8.
DIY · 04. November 2017
Flone (short for Flying Phone), this is a drone with a stuffing from a smartphone.
03. November 2017
Despite some nuances, many parents are allowed to have a baby is not a dog, namely quadrocopter. Should we join them, we will define the arguments "for" and "against" below, and if your decision is positive, we will consider next a number of models, after which the child will be unspeakably happy.