Align M470 review: a good flying platform for GoPro cameras

Align M470 - quadrocopter, released in late 2014 by Align. What is interesting this quadrocopter - see below.

Align M470 Multicopter
Align M470 Multicopter

Title: Align M470 Multicopter

quadrocopters Type: ARF Kit (frame + flight controller + cardan suspension)

Price: about $ 1,000 +/- $ 200

Release date: December 2014


M470, unlike the M424 - not just quadrocopter on the radio, and a flying platform for CoPro camera that allows you to capture video from the air. Of course, in size copter substantially outperforms its predecessor - it is in diameter 710 mm, height - 266 mm. Weight without batteries is around 2500 grams - twice more than the famous DJI Phantom 2 Vision +!

Externally copter looks nice and modern
Externally copter looks nice and modern

This design was chosen: streamlined body increases the resistance of the wind, and he was fairly easy to disassemble.

Complete with quadrocopters is 3-axis gimbal suspension G2, designed specifically for GoPro cameras. Supported suspension tuning via a PC, there is also the possibility to connect it to the Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. The camera itself is not complete, it will need to be purchased separately.

On the Align 470 uses commutatorless motors BL4213 370KV. This high-performance engines that not much heat and can hold quadrocopter in the air about 20 minutes (without a full load) with battery at 5200mAh (in the kit is not). Fittings for motors are made of durable carbon fiber. Interestingly, the sale is mounting propellers and a completely different colors

The fixtures are also placed electronic regulators 40A speed. Next to them are the bright LED-lights whose color (red and white), you can choose your own.

The flight controller is set quadrocopters - APS-M, which also works with the hexa-copter and Octo-copter. Among the modes: 2 kinds of GPS, altitude hold, manual and automatic. There are also automatic return home in the event of malfunctions or low battery, supports telemetry functions controlled suspension and the concentration on a particular point.

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As for the battery, and the remote control, then they must be purchased separately. Supports up to 12000mAh batteries, also have the option to install 2 batteries at 6000mAh. The remote control must be equipped with at least 7 channels.


It is also supported by the first-person camera, but this (as well as for telemetry operation) need to purchase a separate transmitter.



Frame Diameter: 710 mm

propellers Length: 179 mm

Height: 266 mm

Weight without battery: about 2500 g

Supported batteries: 5200-12000mAh

Flight Time: 11-13 minutes to the battery at 5200mAh

Flight controller: APS-M

Accuracy flight

Vertical: ± 1 m

Horizontally ± 1 m

Max. flight speed

Vertical: 6 m / s

Horizontally 15 m / s

Max. Height: 700 m

Max. rotation angle: 30 degrees

Input controller voltage: DC4.5V ~ 8.4V

controller Current consumption: <250mA @ 4.8V

Working controller Frequency: 400Hz

Working Temperature: -20 ° ~ 65 ° C

Power Management Unit:


Input voltage: 13.2V ~ 25.2V (4S ~ 6S)

Operating frequency: 500KHz

Dimensions: 62x35x26 mm


Model BL4213 370KV

Input voltage DC 22.2V

Max. DC 25A

Max. 550W rated power

Quantity of the magnetic poles 14

Number of stator 12 mounts

Dimensions / weight F4xF52 × 33 mm / 185 g

Electronic speed controllers


Input Voltage 13.2V ~ 25.2V (4S ~ 6S)

Max. DC 40A

Dimensions mm 74.2x27x12.7


Cardan suspension

Model: G2

Input voltage: DC 12V (3S)

Current consumption: <500mA

Max. control range

Pan: 340 °

Torsion: ± 20 °

Tilt: 120 °

Max. range of circular rotation

Pan: 60 ° / second

Torsion: 60 ° / second

Inclination: 60 ° / sec

Temperature range: -20 ~ 80 ° C

Output voltage: 5V / 0.3A

Dimensions / Weight: 100.4x74x111.5 mm / 200 g


Test flight quadrocopters Align M470


In general, Align M470 turned out high-quality and not expensive. During 1000-1200 dollars you get a powerful modern quadrocopter that flies high and far from stable and is an excellent platform for flying or any other GoPro Action Camera.


Plus it can be easily disassembled, which makes it possible to modify and customize it to your taste. And, of course, it is impossible not to note the support of capacitive battery up to 12000mAh, which can significantly increase the copter flight, so - and uptime shemki air!