IdeaFly Storm-800: a powerful hexacopter for a lower price than analogues

IdeaFly Storm-800
IdeaFly Storm-800

Storm-800 - the first serial hexacopter from the company Idea Fly. In spite of the fact that before that the company did not manufacture hexacopters, the Chinese decided to immediately "shoot" and roll out to the market a powerful six-rotor drone with GPS and all the accompanying functions. Did you get a decent model of a radio controlled hexacopter? Let's see.


Idea Fly Storm-800 is included in the so-called "800-900 class" of Copters. These figures indicate the diagonal (in millimeters), from the motor to the motor and in the hexacopter under consideration, this value equals 800 mm.

The Storm-800 design is typical for the Idea Fly copter: strict lines hinting that it is a serious toy, a module for the GPS module in the tail section, typical landing gear.

The weight of the hexacopter frame is 1180 kg, and the maximum flight weight is 4.8 kg. Thus, the user has more than one and a half kg of spare weight, which can be used for installation:

  • Cardan suspension and camera
  • Batteries
  • GPS-module
  • Flight controller

The standard kit with the Storm-800 frame also includes:

  • Motors 4114, 400KV
  • 15-inch propellers made of carbon plastic
  • Electronic speed controllers for 40A
  • Landing gear, also made of carbon fiber

The rest of the things have to be bought. Namely:

  • Flight controller
  • remote control
  • Battery (six-cell lithium-polymer batteries 6S with capacity of 10000mAh-16000mAh are supported (socket XT60))
  • Charger
  • Gimbal suspension
  • Camera

They will be drawn for 3-4 thousand dollars, depending on the camera model, controller, etc.


Features Copter is its portability, ease (in comparison with other analogs), dustproof and waterproof, and folding frame.


Material: strong plastic

Diagonal size: 800 mm

Engines: 4114, 400KV

Electronic speed controllers: 40A

Propellers: 15 inches

Frame weight (without landing gear): 1180 g

Maximum weight: 4.8 kg

Supported batteries: 6S, 10000mAh-16000mAh

Flight time: 30 minutes with battery 12000mAh



IdeaFly Storm-800 is an excellent option for those who need a professional hexacopter with a camera for shooting video from the air, but who has a limit on the means. For example, the frame Storm-800 is cheaper than the DJI Spreading Wings S900 almost twice, and the quality is not inferior to it.