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Review of Quadrocopter Chitwan QW350-2

One of the most popular quadrocopters that received the buyer's recognition because of a very close resemblance to DJI Phantom from DJI Innovations. QW350-2 this drone 350 class has a built FPV (First Person View) and also equipped with a good telemetry OSD (On Screen Display).

Chitwan QW350-2
Chitwan QW350-2


  • Quadrocopter QW350-2 (with lithium polymer battery 3S (three-caned) 2700 mAh 20C (discharge rate) with JST-connector)
  • Control panel (powered by 4 AA batteries, batteries included)
  • Charger (for quadric batteries)
  • Charger (for remote control batteries)
  • Holder for your smartphone (to use your phone as a camera)
  • 8 spare rotor screws (8045 4 CW, 4 CCW)
  • tool
  • User Manual (in English and Chinese)
  • 8 stickers (glued to the drone, 4-blue, 4-red)


  1. The battery compartment is spacious enough, 1 especially in height.
  2. The 433Mhz antenna is located on the rear right quadrilateral support.
  3. 5.8G antenna is located inside the battery compartment
  4. The same type of LEDs as the DJI Phantom.

Without batteries, the Chitwan QW350-2 weighs 624 grams, the batteries add to the quadrocopter as much as 183 grams, with them the weight of the drone will already be - 807 grams.


Disassembled drone is very easy and fast, just 3 minutes, and you can clean the drone from dust and dirt from the inside. Pleased with the excellent quality of soldering.

GPS module



Motors: 2212 excellent replica with "DJI Phantom".


ESC Controls

ESC Controls
ESC Controls

There is no information about the maximum current. The quality of soldering at height!

Management chips

A free port of BGC, probably for controlling the suspension, is seen. Pleased with the presence of a UART port, which allows you to connect telemetry via Bluetooth. Large 8-bit chip from ATmega

FPV camera

The camera is good, adjusting the photosensitivity and color reproduction can significantly increase the quality of the picture at the output.


FPV module

5.8 GHz fpv transmitter is located under the heat shrinkage, 400mw, the model operates in the "boscam" range.



The console has a non-standard form and assumes an "American" grip (when the stick (joystick) is moved only by two thumbs).

Assigning buttons to the remote control

  • The power button is divided into three positions (charging mode, off, on)
  • Two 2-axis joystick (for acceleration responds left)
  • Left 3-position switch (responsible for changing flight modes) where: STAB - stabilization, ATLH - hold height, LOIT - hold the current position;
  • Right 3-position switch (responsible for changing the flight modes) where: OFF - disconnection of the toggle switch itself (for example, at the time of use of the left-hand switch modes), RTL - return to the take-off point, LAND - return to point take-off with landing.

FPV monitor

The size of 4.3 inches, without any protection from sunlight (visor for example) and because of this it is extremely difficult to see anything on the display on a sunny day. The screen quality is below average, but you can improve it by adjusting the contrast and brightness. RP-SMA connector for connecting antennas 5.8G. A little to the left of the connector is located the switch button 9 frequencies boscam. By default, the QW350-2 is set to 5945MHz.



  • build quality
  • Brushless motors
  • Dynamic
  • Good receiver running at 433MHz
  • Powerful batteries in the remote DVR in the FPV monitor
  • FPV camera
  • price


  • No cable included for PC
  • Capricious in management (does not forgive mistakes)
  • Not included in the HD camera
  • Built-in logger buggy (can suddenly stop recording)

Pretty good FPV camera, excellent radio range, thanks for this 433MHz. Before embarking on an aggressive race, it is better to start with a trial short flight to adapt to management. Chitwan QW350-2 is very "whimsical" in management, it is necessary to get used. We can say that the QW350-2 is a good golden mean between price and quality. Suitable exclusively for pilots who have experience flying in UAV.