XIRO Xplorer Mini - your personal selfie drone

Compactness - it is this quality that modern self-drone should have in the first place. Zero UAV went further and offered their views on how they see the drone whose purpose is photo and video recording in the format of Selfie. In this drones, compactness, style, simplicity and incomparable quality of shooting from air closely intertwine. Without exaggeration, one of the best in its class selfie drone - XIRO Xplorer Mini.

XIRO Xplorer Mini
XIRO Xplorer Mini


  • GPS / GLONASS dual positioning
  • Foldable construction
  • 13MP FHD camera
  • Protection from low battery charge
  • Protection against signal loss
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Flight time 15 minutes

The manufacturer offers 2 variants of the kit, since they do not have an official name, we will name them as a small kit and a large one. In a large set, another battery will be added and the so-called "Travel Case" or travel case made in two colors light gray and dark gray.

The small kit will include:

  • Drone XIRO Xplorer Mini
  • Intelligent battery 3S 11.4V 1650mAh 18.81Wh LiPo
  • 4 × carrying screws
  • 4 × rotor protection
  • Charger
  • 220V power supply unit for storage
  • USB cable
  • screwdriver
  • Instructions and illustrations for the first launch (user manual)


Brand: XIRO

Model: Xplorer Mini

Positioning: GPS & GLONASS

Height-keeping: ultrasonic sensor + photosensor

Auto-set / auto-landing: yes

Intelligent flight modes: yes

Camera: 13Mp

Video recording modes: 1920 × 1080p at 30 fps

Maximum resolution of photo: 4208 × 3120

Sensor: 1 / 3.0

FOV: 190 ° sheye

Stabilization: electronic

Memory: smartphone resources

Motors: brushless type

Battery Capacity: 3S 11.4V Intelligent Battery

1650mAh 18.81Wh LiPo


Home Return: Low Charge / Loss of Communication

Backlight: LED

Flight time: 15 minutes

Max. Flight altitude: 50m. (Adjustable)

Flight range: 100 meters

Max. Takeoff speed: 11 km / h

Max. Decrease speed: 7 km / h

Max. The speed of horizontal flight: 29 km / h

Frame: 225mm.

Dimensions: 310 × 310 × 55mm.

Weight: 431.2g.

Environment for flights: indoors / outdoors

Age limit: 14+

About the product

The quality of Xplorer Mini performance is at the highest level. The design of the drone is strong, there is no hint of creaky plastic and it seems that to break its integrity you need to try hard. The mechanism of folding the rays, without any backlash, the move is tight, and in the flight position are fixed with a characteristic click.


Next, it is worth noting the design, the developer tried, the panel that closes the battery of the drone is of special attention, the yellow diffraction pattern essentially distinguishes it from a number of any other quadrocopters. Moreover, if you are bored with the color of the panel, the manufacturer will offer you other options for individualizing the quad to your choice, which is pleasantly pleasing.

Design XIRO Xplorer Mini was the best, for which he received an authoritative design award - the Red Dot Design Award 2016. Awarded by the European Design Institute in Essen (Germany).


Quadrocopter Xplorer Mini is equipped with brushless motors of its own design Zero UAV.


On board the Xplorer Mini is a 13MP camera with a viewing angle of 190 ° like a fisheye. The video quality corresponds to the claimed 1920 × 1080p at 30 fps and will satisfy any quartermember.


I want to immediately note the high-quality work of electronic image stabilization, if the quad hangs, sometimes it seems that the picture just froze. In flight, there is no hint of vibration and jelly, the quality of stabilization can be compared with Parrot Bebop 2. The camera can shoot at maximum resolution up to 4208 × 3120.


Xplorer Mini is equipped with an intelligent 3-can battery with a capacity of 1650mAh. To the pluses you want to immediately include the presence on the battery charge indication. Pleased with the flight time, according to the specifications of the manufacturer, it is 15 minutes, in practice, the time spent in flight did not significantly decrease and on average amounted to about 13 minutes, which is commendable for self drones.


It is worth noting the following fact, thanks to the feedback between the controller and the battery, the pilot does not have to worry about the battery charge, the electronics will warn him in advance of the discharged battery, but if this warning is for some reason the pilot is ignored, the drone will go into the home return mode and Will return to the take-off site on its own.


Complete with the XIRO Xplorer Mini, you will not find the classic hardware, its role will perform a smartphone / tablet running on iOS or Android. After installing the Xiro Xplorer application, the pilot will need to pair the drone with a device that takes only a few minutes and the quad is ready for use. This tandem drone surely removed to a distance of 100 meters, to selfie drone is an excellent indicator.

At the heart of the flight controller is the Qualcomm APC2878 processor


On the display of the gadget, the picture from the camera in real time will be displayed in 720p resolution

Intelligent flight modes

The pilot has 2 modes of autonomous flight available:

Follow me - the drone classically follows 1 behind the smartphone.

Follow snap - the drone follows the object to which it was pointed.


One of the best selfie drones at the moment. In the test showed the exact correspondence of the parameters declared in the manufacturer's specification. Stylish, compact, easy to use, one of the best cameras among the existing self drones with an indicative image stabilization, ready to fly out of the box. If you are looking for Selfie Drone, then this model is worth paying attention to it. A bit high price tag, but, alas, for the quality you have to pay.