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At the recent international exhibition of consumer electronics - CES2017, you could see a large number of start-ups that really deserve a trip to life. No one was left without attention, as evidenced by numerous reviews. One of these start-ups attracted our attention and, accordingly, it will be discussed further.

Uvify Inc - is engaged in the design and development of unmanned aerial vehicles. The company's head office is located in San Francisco, California. The Uvify team is highly qualified specialists in the field of missile technology and robotics, engineers and designers, eminent riders and even gamers. The key people are, the CEO and co-founder - Hyon Lim and business development adviser Robert Cheek.

UVify Draco
UVify Draco

UVify Draco - optimized for drone-racing, drone-rigging and aerial photography with extreme drone deviation, ready to fly out of the box for a completely humane price tag. The developer positions it as a ready-to-use product for people who want to have a powerful quad, but at the same time do not want to waste time working with a soldering iron, which in turn is the lot of all PRO-level drones for today.

UVify Draco: speed is his calling

The Draco base is a lightweight and durable carbon fiber. Modular design allows you to quickly and without problems to change the damaged elements in the crash directly on the spot.


Draco is ready to fly in the most inclement weather thanks to a waterproof hull, now even downpour is not able to prevent the desire to fly. But still, the manufacturer warns that the drone is not prepared for a full immersion in the water, it is worth considering this.

The electronics of the drone in the compartment with powerful brushless motors are sharpened absolutely for any aerobatics figures at speeds up to 160 km / h.


The developer assures that everything stated corresponds to reality, the drone was tested by the best pilots of drone-raisers and drone-rigs in the most extreme conditions.


Draco is ready to fly even in strong wind conditions.

Power supply

The power of the drone is realized by means of an intelligent quick-change lithium-polymer (LiPo) 4-cell battery with a capacity of 1400mAh. No more plugs, the battery is replaced in one movement.


The smart battery is equipped with battery charge indicator, automatic balancing, protection against overdischarge, protection against overcharging, balancer, built-in current sensor. The same statistics are kept on the number of charge discharges, etc.


Thanks to this, the battery is able to maintain the optimum voltage at the time when it is not used, in order to subsequently ensure maximum output and output at the output.

According to the manufacturer's specification, the flight time is up to 10 minutes. But just the same, it is immediately clarified that if the flight is carried out at maximum operating conditions, the flight time is reduced to 5-6 minutes.

Flight controller

The built-in Draco computer provides the best performance in its class. With the help of anti-vibration functionality, the best stability in any flight modes was realized, which will be envied by the most popular drones among professionals. Thanks to temperature control, the work of inertial navigation has been optimized. The modular design of Draco makes it easy to upgrade the flight controller.

Separating the sensors from the flight controller vibration dampener, the developers managed to significantly reduce the negative impact of high-frequency vibrations on the work of electronics in general. Also, the IMU sensor received temperature control, and now the weather conditions will not have any effect on the flight quality.


Motors Draco is the result of intensive research and development, as well as many years of experience in the field of brushless motors. The overlapping vertical magnetic field provides the best torque and power with the smallest weight. As a result, the motors UVify Draco significantly benefit from the characteristics of all existing for today b / k motors.

Speed controllers

The first of its kind speed controllers (ESC) that work in tandem with the engines and battery for a given field-oriented control algorithm. As a result, the electronics of the drone constantly monitors the temperature of each motor and its operation as a whole.


The feedback system between the motor and the battery allows to maintain the appropriate speed, ensuring maximum performance throughout the flight until the battery completely exhausts its resources.


Thanks to temperature compensation and control over the state of the active motor, the electronics automatically compensates for the effect of temperature emitted by the motor, thereby increasing productivity by 20%.


Draco is the only current drone that is able to broadcast a real-time FPV picture in high definition (HD) format with zero delay. (Option is only available for the Draco HD model)

UVify list of drones

The manufacturer offers just two Draco drone configurations:

  1. UVify Draco Racer
  2. UVify Draco HD

There are only two differences between them, the Draco Racer is smaller than the Draco HD, and the latter is equipped with an FPV HD camera and broadcasts high-definition video in real time with zero delay. In the rest, both are completely identical.


The manufacturer explained that the kit will include a drone, user manual, a quick-change intelligent battery and a charger. In addition, the first 1000 orders will include additional accessories worth $ 600. Both drones are ready to fly out of the box. Also, the first 1000 owners will receive a year of free warranty in the compartment with free 24-hour technical support.


Payment will be carried out in two stages, at first only 20% of the cost will be written off when placing the pre-order. The remaining amount will be charged as soon as your order is processed. The dispatch of the goods will be carried out by the manufacturer to anywhere in the world without restriction.



Brand: UVify

Model: Draco Racer

Black color

Dimensions of the fuselage: 79 × 158mm.

Dimensions of the drone without screws: 214 × 166 mm.

Frame size: 230mm.

Weight: 470gr. (With five-inch rotors and an antenna)


Type of engine: UVify Direct-Drive 3-phase brushless DC motor

Magnet: double-sided N52SH

Magnets: 12 pairs of poles

Shaft: 5 mm hollow steel

Stator size: 22 × 6 mm.

Max. Motor power: 580W

Max. Revolutions: 26,000 rpm

Equivalent to KV: 2300

Recommended carrier screws: 5 × 4.5 in.

Maximum draft (with recommended screws): 1200 gr.

Maximum speed: up to 160km / h.

Speed controllers

ESC: UVify Race ESC with field-oriented control algorithm

Continuous current: 30A

Maximum current: 60A

Intelligent battery

Configuration: 4-can, high-density LiPo with intelligent control system

Capacity: 1400mAh

Discharge rate: 100С

Charge voltage: 16.8V

Rated Power: 60W

Dimensions: 90 × 37 × 41 mm.

Weight: 185 gr.


Analog: 5.8GHz video module with power adjustment and omni-directional antenna

The digital version (for Draco HD): 5.8GHz 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps with zero delay

OSD: 32-bit with double buffering Full VGA

Flight controller and sensors

FC: 32-bit Cortex-M4 processor with synchronizer, SPI interface for sensors

IMU: thermally stabilized with vibration isolation device

On-board computer

Model: Embedded Intel Edison

Radio receiver

Frequency range: 2.4GHz with spread spectrum

Compatible with: SBUS, DSM, PPM


Undoubtedly, the expected novelty will certainly be appreciated by all amateurs and professionals of drone racing and dronfreestyling. HD link with zero delay is the only thing that is missing from all the existing racing drone. Well, if this is implemented also in a high-speed waterproof quad in RTF format, then this is just a gift. We will wait on sale to check it in action.