Drone insurance

Drones are increasingly being used in various commercial and research activities, and more often accidents occur when the unmanned aerial vehicle is damaged or the damage caused by its use is damaged.

What can be insured?

Drones belonging to commercial enterprises can be insured, which are used for commercial activities. For example, for photo and video, for exploring different regions or conducting aerial surveillance on land or at sea, for delivering goods, for rescue and scientific activities, for checking the technical condition of buildings and structures, in the real estate sector, in geodesy, etc. .


Insurance contracts for amateur and sports drones can not be concluded at the moment.

What does insurance cover?

  • Drone and related equipment (loss, death and damage)
  • Spending on saving a drone in case of an insured event or an emergency landing
  • Damage caused to a third party (personal or property damage - liability insurance)
  • Costs of legal aid and legal protection
  • Responsibility, conditioned by professional activity, and responsibility of the employer as additional protection
  • Requirements for breach of privacy and data
  • The cost of renting a drones or equipment for replacement

Why is liability insurance important for a drone?

  • Damage can be very large and tens of times higher than the cost of a drone¬†
  • Contracts of your customers require a liability insurance covering the damage caused by the drone
  • Cover costs for legal aid and legal protection

What is refundable?

  1. Expenses for repair of a drone or market value of a drone
  2. Expenses for saving the drones (with a limit)
  3. Claims for compensation for damage caused to an aircraft by a third party (personal injury, for example, trauma, or property damage, for example damage to someone's home or car)
  4. Expenses for legal assistance in connection with the insurance event for liability insurance

What is non-refundable?

  • Use in high-risk regions is excluded or allowed on a separate basis (otherwise applies worldwide)
  • Damage caused to an aircraft due to wear, obsolescence, destruction, faults or malfunctions
  • The damage caused by the drones to the property of the insured
  • Damage caused by illegal use of aircraft
  • Deviation from the manufacturer's recommendations when the aircraft landed or took off