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Eachine V-Tail 210 is an unusual racing drone

Eachine V-Tail 210
Eachine V-Tail 210

The Chinese manufacturer of budget drones Eachine has presented a new interesting model of the racing quadrocopter - Eachine V-Tail 210.


This drone with a 210-millimeter frame has an unusual design in the form of the letter V, with the rear motors pointing down. We are not sure whether such design directly affects the flight characteristics (which, by the way, the V-Tail 210 is quite impressive), but at least the drone looks very unusual. Among the other advantages of the Eachine V-Tail 210 is a rich package including a 1080p @ 60fps camera, powerful Emax RS2205 KV2300 motors, 20A controls with Oneshot 125 support, GPS and built-in OSD, a powerful SPF3 flight controller ... This list goes on and on.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, the creation of Eachine is not without its shortcomings. Despite its excellent characteristics, this quadrocopter is not very reliable when it comes to crashes. The unusual design of the drone will lead to great damage in the event of a fall or collision. Especially with this, the motors and FPV-camera suffer. This problem is aggravated by the large weight of the quadroopter - more than 570 grams. Fortunately, the V-Tail 210 frame itself is made of carbon fiber, so that it will not be possible to completely "kill" the drone even with the hardest crash.

In the air the quadrocopter behaves very confidently. It is very powerful and maneuverable - it is able to unfold literally on a patch. Drone is well versed in the management and is able to give you an unforgettable experience of FPV-flight. Thus, Eachine V-Tail 210 is well suited for experienced pilots who will be able to make the most of the impressive characteristics of this drone, while avoiding serious collisions and falls. For beginners, too high a power of the drone, coupled with its fragility will be a major drawback.


So, let's put together the strengths and weaknesses of Eachine V-Tail 210:


- RTF-version kvadrokoptera flies right out of the box with factory settings.

- A useful mode of horizontal flight Horizon mode and the ability to turn on Failsafe.

- Extremely high maneuverability.

- Built-in GPS and OSD

- A camcorder that shoots HD 1080p videos at a rate of 60 frames per second. Thus, there is no need to install an additional camera to record your flights.

- New fast flight controller F3EVO.

- The catchy design.


- Friability of the drone. Particularly affected by the camera, located directly on the nose quadcopter. In addition, the switch and microSD-slot of the camera are very inconvenient, it is difficult to get to.

- Monopoly FPV-antenna, oriented horizontally: this is not the best solution for a racing drone. As a result, the picture may disappear during the flight. We recommend replacing it with a round clad polarized antenna.

Let's sum up the results. Eachine released an interesting quadrocopter, distinguished by its unusual design and excellent characteristics. He flies well out of the box, and after a little refinement he can at all be your favorite drone for racing - provided that you can fly carefully.