Hubsan X4 H109S Pro: quadrocopter, challenging Phantom 2 Vision Plus

Hubsan X4 H109S Pro FPV Quadcopter
Hubsan X4 H109S Pro FPV Quadcopter

Hubsan X4 H109S Pro - is a new quadrocopter from a Chinese company Hubsan, that was created for those who like to shoot from the air and which is designed to compete with the popular quadrocopters DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus. What is interesting X4 H109S Pro read below.


Why Hubsan X4 H109S Pro compared with DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus? Yes, everything is very simple. Judge for yourself:

  • Design X4 H109S Pro is very similar to the design of Phantom 2 Vision Plus;
  • A camera mounted on the X4 H109S Pro can also shoot as 1080p;
  • Like the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, on X4 H109S Pro installed GPS sensor, compass, and there is support for automatic return to the original point of departure;
  • As in Phantom 2 Vision Plus, at quadrocopters system installed on the three corners of the stabilization chamber, which makes more stable the recorded video;
  • Video is also transmitted in the online mode, it even has a small screen on the control panel:
Hubsan X4 H109S Remote control
Hubsan X4 H109S Remote control
  • Hubsan X4 H109S Pro also supports the autopilot system, when it is possible to set a point on the map and it will follow this route.

So much for the common parts. But X4 H109S Pro has its own peculiarities:

  1. It is possible to install protective covers for propellers
  2. It is possible to attach the stabilizer GoPro camera;
  3. By quadrocopters can attach a parachute, which will open automatically to prevent a sudden fall from the air

As for the specifications, then the claimed quadrocopter flight is already 40 minutes (Phantom 2 Vision Plus - 25 minutes)! We think that it is a marketing ploy and is unlikely to rely on more than 30 minutes of flight.

With regard to the flight range, it is one thousand meters. At the same distance is transferred to video online.



Measured diagonally (from the motor to the motor): 260 mm
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer, 5300 mAh 11.1V or 11.1V 7000 mAh
Flight time: 30-40 minutes
Range: 1000 meters
Electronic speed controllers: 30A
The operating frequency of the remote control: 2.4Ghz
The operating frequency of receiving video: 5.8Ghz

The stabilizer and the camera

Horizontal rotation angle: ± 145 °
Vertical rotation angle: 65 ° - 125 °
Video Recording Format: 1080p


Hubsan X4 H109S PRO installed GoPro camera


If you are going to take Hubsan X4 H109S, then consider a few points:

  • There are different configuration quadrocopters. For example, one can be a lithium-polymer battery capacity of 5300 mAh, and the other - with a capacity of 7000 mAh. The same applies to the camera, so look carefully, what packaging is offered in stores.
  • Lower price leads to less quality assembly, material support of the manufacturer. If 700-900 dollars difference for you is not a problem, it is better to take the DJI Phantom 3.
  • It's still quadrocopter shooting amateur video, so if you want to have a professional video shooting at a high level, it is worth paying attention to the DJI S900, DJI S1000 Plus and similar models.