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Hi! On this page, you can find and download PDF User Manuals for drones of such brend as Microkopter: Mikrokopter OktoXL, OktoXL 6s12,Quadro XL, MK8-3500 Standard, MK8-3500 Geo, MK8-3500 Thermo, MK8-3500 Agrar. 

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Mikrokopter EASY Hexa V3 User Manual.pdf



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Mikrokopter OktoXL 6S12 User Manual.pdf



Mikrokopter OktoXL User Manual.pdf



MikroKopter Senderpult für Graupner MC-20 Sender User Manual.pdf



MikroKopter Senderpult für Graupner MC-32 Sender User Manual.pdf



Professional quadrocopters from the company Mikrokopter

The German company MikroKopter - is, in its way, a legend among manufacturers of unmanned radio-controlled device. That its engineers developed in 2006 and introduced the world first quadrocopter. The device was equipped with three gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer, and in the course of further improvements acquired GPS-module. Development MikroKopter became the ancestor of all modern amateur and professional multicopter.

Currently, the company produces and sells unmanned aerial vehicles for professional use. The range - quadrocopters, hexacopters and oktokopters. The cost of any device starts from four to five thousand euros, despite the fact that some of the equipment will still have to be purchased separately. So multicopter from MikroKopter - not a cheap pleasure.

The company has its own online store where you can buy a ready-made, almost entirely staffed by the unit and any accessories and spare parts. The opportunity to assemble your own multicopter from scratch as a variety of components - frame, flight controllers, remote control, sensors, etc. - Can be purchased directly from the MikroKopter delivery to almost any country in the world.

Multicopter XL Series

The most common unit of MikroKopter - multicopter XL series. It includes quadrocopter (Quadro), hexacopter (Hexa) and oktokopter (Okto). The company constantly improves them, and quite often produces new and improved version. All machines are designed exclusively for professional use, which determines their value and functionality. The pilot will have to pay several thousand dollars for the purchase of a full set, but in return he will get a powerful multi-function machine capable to solve the most complex problems of flight.


Standard equipment is called Almost-ready-to-fly (ARF). As the name implies, multicopter almost ready to take off, lacking only a small list of equipment. What is guaranteed to be in the set:

  • frame, protective cover and landing gear; flight controllers;
  • GPS-module;
  • sets of propellers with fastenings;
  • engines;
  • battery (one or more depending on the type multicopter);
  • accessories;
  • User manual.

In addition, you will need to buy a remote control, battery charger, telemetry and instrumentation. The camera and gimbal suspension - must be purchased separately.


Multicopter frame is made of light but strong carbon fiber. Assembling German precision and quality. Despite the apparent complexity of the design, the assembly does not take a lot of time and effort - all the parts and components multicopter easily installed and dismantled.

Appearance multicopter once said that in front of you a professional unit. All items are made of matt black material, design is nothing superfluous - all the equipment located at the mean for easy access and maintenance. It includes protective cover, but it covers only the upper part of the device. The only bright part in the appearance multicopter - LED ribbon, which serves to indicate the unit while flying in the dark and in poor visibility.

flight control

Piloting is done using the remote control of MikroKopter. On the choice of several models available, each with different sets of features. Some of the panels are equipped with voice output data - an important message sounded through the speaker. On the built-in remote control monitor online telemetry data are displayed - the flight speed, height above ground, the number of satellites, etc.

XL multicopter from MikroKopter companies are extremely comfortable and obedient in management. Numerous sensors and sensor accurately detects the position of the vehicle in space and provide flight stability in all weather conditions.

Thanks to the integrated GPS-module available features such as:

  •   height retention; holding the position;
  • automatic flight and to specify the points;
  • independent return to the starting point on loss of signal.

Flight time can reach forty-five minutes (for oktokopter), but not less than eighteen minutes at maximum permissible load. Range is limited only by the unit outside visibility. The maximum height to which the unit may rise - five kilometers.

MikroKopter XL
MikroKopter XL

Multicopter XXL series

The series includes all the same kinds of multicopter - quadrocopter, hexacopter and oktokopter, but the size of devices on the order of magnitude greater than that of the series XL. For example, the diameter oktokopter XXL exceeds human growth. The names of the models appropriate - BigQuadro, BigHexa and BigOkto. Devices designed for the transport of heavy loads, the use of civil and military services, as well as the implementation of scientific research requiring the use of large amounts of equipment.

Mikrokopter BigOkto
Mikrokopter BigOkto