Xdynamics drone user manuals

Hi! On this page you can download pdf user manual for XDynamics Evolve.

XDynamics - founded in 2015, the company is engaged in the design, development, production and subsequent sale of high-quality unmanned products, both for amateurs and professionals.


The development team includes leading industry specialists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and China.


Many years of experience in robotics, aerodynamics, flight control algorithms, computer visualization, as well as in photo and video aerial photography, are gained.

Evolve XDynamics


Hong Kong start-up in the face of XDynamics debuted at the recently held exhibition CES2017. The company came up with its new droning product - Evolve, it's the world's first drone, designed as a single carbon fiber monocoque, the drone is able to broadcast Full HD video in real time with zero delay. Quad has received an intelligent piloting system and the first of its kind controller, which has two screens with absolutely different purposes.

Evolve - managed to receive awards for the best design of the monocoque design, as well as for the best functionality, adapted for different consumers from amateur to professional.


Evolve proposed a new approach to managing the drone. The new patented controller got its own software and as many as two separate displays. Both screens have improved brightness (brighter than any smartphone in 2 times) and perfectly display information even in direct sunlight.

As a display of the image received from the camera, as well as for working with the received photo / video material, a 7-inch multi-touch screen is built in the folding console panel, the second 5-inch screen located between the sticks will act as the control panel for the drone. Thus, the manufacturer has almost completely abandoned the usual buttons, adhering to the modern trends of smartphones, digital cameras and portable game consoles.

Advanced piloting system

The manufacturer embodied everything in one package, hardware and software. The Evolve droning console as a whole is an advanced pilot system (SPS) that combines all the necessary functions for simultaneous piloting and shooting by one pilot, both for the amateur and for the professional in the single interface:

  • Album Manager: allows you to view, organize, sort, rename, sign media files as you wish, improve the quality of images through special filters.
  • Warning Center: during the flight, the pilot helps the pilot solve problems in the form of ready-made solutions.
  • Flight modes: you can do selfish when the drone follows you or set the drone focus for shooting individual locations that participate in a flight plan previously created by the pilot.
  • Flight Planner: allows the pilot to specify multiple flight points, altitude, and the same direction. Further, the drone will do everything himself in the offline mode.

To realize the maximum functionality in one control panel, the developer has equipped the equipment with a 64-bit 4-core processor, a graphics accelerator, 4GB of DDR3 memory, and all this hardware is controlled by the Android operating system. By the quality of work, the system can compete freely with high-tech modern tablets.

Benny Chan, general manager of XDynamics said: "Evolve's equipment is what fundamentally differentiates our drone from any others, we have assembled a ready-to-use product after purchase, you will not need to download special applications, interfacing devices, everything is ready for Reliable and safe operation both in the amateur sphere and in the professional sphere ".

Full HD broadcasting with zero latency

The Evolve drone transmits a video image from the drones camera in real time in a high definition resolution of 1080p at 60 frames per second with zero delay (below 10 milliseconds).


Due to the absence of delay in data transfer, you always control the drone without fear of encountering obstacles encountered in its path, being far from the take-off place, only a real and qualitative picture on the display of the control panel.


Drone is ideal for use in commercial television and film production, infrastructure inspection as well as in any other application where image acquisition is required at a distance without delay in real time mode.

Monocoque made of carbon fiber

The case of the Evolve drone is made in a single monocoque from the most durable and at the same time lightweight carbon material. This approach of the manufacturer has ensured the drona better impact resistance, stability, stability in the compartment with improved aerodynamics.

4K camera with CMOS sensor from Sony

The Evolve drone is equipped with a drain chamber with a 21mm F / 2.8 lens and a CMOS sensor from Sony, a number of effective pixels of 12.4M (12Mp) and a viewing angle of 94 °.


The camera is suspended on a 3-axis anti-vibration anti-vibration suspension. Records an ideally smooth image in the following modes: 4K at 24 frames per second; 2.7K at 60 frames per second; 1080p at 120 frames per second and 720p at 240 frames per second, adapting to different scenarios and themes, ranging from calm landscapes to dynamic sports selfies.


Supports RAW / DNG formats, records video at a maximum bitrate of 60Mbps. The suspension of the drone, in addition to the stock 4K camera, is adapted for the installation of a mirror digital and panoramic camera, the change is made in less than 3 seconds, thanks to a patented adapter.

Ultra-precise positioning system

A combination of a clear algorithm for the operation of electronic positioning devices, including the Glonass module, optical sensors and LIDAR sensors, provides ultra-precise positioning, which can compete with other well-known systems used on drones of well-known brands.