JJRC H3: quadrocopter with wheels

  • Title: JJRC H3 2-in-1 Air-ground 2.4g 4CH Quadcopter With HD Camera RTF
  • quadrocopters Type: RTF
  • Price: about $ 76
  • Release Date: autumn 2014

In the autumn-winter 2015 JJRC company simply overwhelmed the market with their quadrocopters. But if most of them do not stand out from the competition (except, perhaps, JJRC H8C), this model radio-controlled copter was special due to its design.


As you can see in the image above, this quadrocopter equipped with protection for the propellers, that looks like a wheel. Unfortunately, these wheels are not moving, but they are built small wheels (see. Photo below), which are responsible for the movement of the earth in quadrocopters machine mode. As rightly pointed out in one forum - the first step toward creating a flying machine made :) By the way, the wheels are equipped with LEDs, an example of their work, see the video below.

Complete with quadrocopters are all necessary components and spare parts: lithium-polymer battery and charger for it, the remote control, 2 spare propellers and user manual.

In the standard package is a lithium-polymer battery 380mAh, but also sold kits with battery to 700mAh. Over capacitive accumulator increases flight time of quadrocopter to 8 minutes, or even more, depending on flight conditions. Charging the battery for an hour (plus or minus 10 minus), which is also good.

Quadrocopters total weight - 155 grams, which is normal, given its size: 286 x 175 x 135 mm.

As for the camera, which is equipped with quadrocopter, that despite the prefix "the HD", it is still the same VGA-camera, which is installed on the JJ-600, which takes video and photos at 640x480, but it "stretches" them to 720z format . Why was it necessary to mislead potential buyers by placing the prefix «HD» - known only to marketers of the company.

In general, weak camera (viewing angle is narrower, and the sensitivity is very bad), but because he who counted for nearly 80 dollars to get a good quality of the outgoing video may pass by - alas, but so it also is.

Thanks to a good size of the motor 8.5h20 mm in quadrocopters good lift, but it is not very stable in flight, but because of the large wheels, which greatly increase the weight, it is not agile, but because fans sharp and fast quadrocopters will need to do that -That the wheels. In ground mode copter moves well very slowly, just like a turtle.


Material: ABS-plastic
Weight: 155 g
Dimensions: 286 x 175 x 135 mm
The maximum flight time: 5-8 minutes
Maximum range: up to 300 meters officially, in fact, about 50 meters
Charging time: 60 minutes
Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-polymer battery 7.4V with a capacity of 380 / 700mAh
Power supply remote control: 4 AA batteries
The operating frequency of the remote control: 2,4 GHz
Camera: VGA, 640 × 480



As conclusions we can say the following: well-conceived, but it turned out as always. Developers JJRC H3 stuffed in everything that can and can not: large wheels, small wheels, the camera, which resulted in only an increase in weight and a decrease in speed and agility copter.

What can we say about the significant differences in the actual and official information on the account quadrocopters: this applies to both «HD» webcams that are not HD and a small range - only 40-50 meters, instead of the declared 300.

Should the copter the money that he asked for? Decide for yourself.