Aeryon SkyRanger review: more powerful and mobile Aeryon Scout

Aeryon SkyRanger
Aeryon SkyRanger

Title: Aeryon SkyRanger

Price: varies

quadrocopters Type: RTF

Released: 2013

SkyRanger - a new development of the American company Aeryon Systems, a more advanced version of Aeryon Scout. What is the difference from its predecessor and what may surprise SkyRanger - read on.


In its external SkyRanger practically does not differ from the mean Scout: all the same strict design and the same location of the main parts quadrocopters.

But in functionality and other features of the new model quadrocopters significantly different from the old.

For example, Scout can resist wind gusts and the speed of 50 km / h and 80 km / h, respectively, and SkyRanger - 60 and 90 km / h respectively.


If the previous model copter can stay aloft for up to 25 minutes, then Aeryon SkyRanger this figure doubled - without recharging the battery it can stay aloft for up to 50 minutes!

Another new feature is its mobility SkyRanger: its rays easy to fold, and their replacement, as well as battery replacement, landing gear and additional accessories can easily be replaced on the spot.


With SkyRanger new camcorder is also compatible production Aeryon: SR-EO / IR and SR-3SHD. They can record 1080p video resolution and make the 15-megapixel shots.

Of course, will not share the GPS capabilities, the autopilot and live video streams from cameras online.


Standard range - 3 kilometers, but at the cost of additional accessories is still possible to extend right up to 5 km!


Dimensions: 1020 x 1020 x 240 mm

Total weight: 2.4 kg

Maximum weight: 3.4 kg

Max. Flight speed: 50 km / h

The average flight speed: 40 km / h

Lifting speed: 2 m / s

Range of controlled flight: 3-5 km

Maximum height: 1500 m

Battery life: 50 minutes


Official presentation video

Demonstration of quadrocopters. Official video

Testing copter - police


As a conclusion, we can say the following:

  • Aeryon SkyRanger even more powerful than the Scout: he increased the maximum range, the flight;
  • SkyRanger Despite the increase in weight is as simple to use and can easily be folded, making it mobile and easy to manually transfer behind.
  • SkyRanger expensive, but this was to be expected, given its characteristics.