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Quadrocopter XIRO XPLORER is perfect for both amateur and professional for video and photo shooting. Its simplicity and reliability will appeal to beginners.



There are 3 versions of this device: XPLORER, XPLORER V and XPLORER G. The difference between them consists only in camcorders. In the basic version it is absent in the version V set 14Mp Full HD camera, and G version can be equipped with a GoPro camera.

However, the first catches the eye is not installed on your machine, and its design. Here the developers have worked as it should and the drone looks much more interesting than many of its competitors.

Camera Full HD, installed on a special hanger for stabilization, allows you to shoot high-quality video. The image may be broadcast on the screen of your gadget. Included with the camera is a special lens, which darkens the image and provides an opportunity to take pictures or shoot video with a very bright light.

Camera Full HD
Camera Full HD

The device has a very high reliability.

Among the huge number of tested quadrocopters, XPLORER showed the best results in terms of reliability.

copter can be controlled both by the remote control and using mobile applications for smartphones.

In XIRO XPLORER incorporated many features and modes:

  • The ability to transmit video in the online mode
  • Selfie mode - when quadrocopter removes object circling it around
  • Follow mode for the subject. XPLORER can follow the object with reference to the smartphone, either through visual anchor
  • It is possible to set the route of flight, indicating the height and speed
  • Fastest reach a certain point
  • autopilot mode
  • Setting video modes
  • Control via smartphone
  • automatic takeoff and landing mode
  • Return to the point of take-off

It is noteworthy that quadrocopter has three modes of the autopilot, which is easy to switch between them:

  1. Retention rate - the system combines quadcopter and coordinate the pilot, which greatly simplifies the process of managing
  2. Of entry and landing in automatic mode - in flight landing and easily at the click of a button
  3. Return to the point of take-off - copter returned to the original starting point and sits in the automatic mode

Due to the battery, 5200mAh capasity - drone can fly for about 25 minutes. The charge level is displayed on the control panel.

It should also be noted that XIRO XPLORER consists of modules, which in case of failure can be easily replaced with new ones. Moreover, the battery, the camera and the suspension can be easily removed without tools.

Powerful repeater allows copter removed from the pilot at a distance of 500 meters. It's certainly not a phantom 3 with its two kilometers, but because he is in 2 times more expensive. Well, if you buy XIRO XPLORER G and set it GoPro HERO 4, you can shoot Ultra HD video.


I have this phone and cons. In fact, only one minus, but rather unpleasant. Folding chassis that takes the entire load at planting - is rather weak. If planting gets hard, the suspension may break, and the probability of damage to the suspension and the camera. In this regard Phantom 3 is much more reliable, but as mentioned above - it costs too much more expensive. In fact, to avoid trouble, plant quadrocopter automatically and challenges you will not.


  • Quadrocopter XIRO XPLORER
  • Repeater
  • Suspension for attaching the camera (in the case of version XPLORER G - Mount for GoPro)
  • Camera Full HD 14Mp (XPLORER V)
  • Spare screws
  • Transmitter
  • Strap the transmitter
  • Fastener Kit
  • The battery capacity of 5200 mAh
  • for recharging device
  • Scuff rack chassis
  • Cable Micro USB
  • User Manual


  • Weight - 1kg
  • Diagonal - 350 mm
  • The maximum flight time - 25 minutes
  • Max. speed horizontal flight speed of 15 m / s
  • Max. speed vertical takeoff 6 m / s
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Video resolution (version XPLORER V): 1920x1080 (30fps), 1280x720 (60fps)
  • Resolutions Display resolution photos (version XPLORER V): 4384x3288
  • Maximum control distance: 500 meters