Align M480L review: quadrocopter with an automatically retractable landing gear

Align M480L Quadcopter
Align M480L Quadcopter

Title: Align M480L Quadcopter

quadrocopters Type: ARF Kit / Super Combo Kit

Price: about $ 1,400

Release Date: Fall 2014

Quadrocopters Align M480L was released at the same time as the M470 and M690L. Externally it is very similar to the M470 and if it is the symbol that the two are virtually identical copter? Let's find out.


If you look at the specifications Align M480L, you can see that they coincide with the characteristics of M470. Except for one detail - the frame itself.

Frame not M480L diameter 710 mm, and 800. Also, in all more than half, quadrocopters height was increased - from 266 mm to 430 mm. Increased copter sizes has led to an increase in propeller - in length 179 mm they are now, and all without a battery 190. The total weight is also increased by 200 grams and is 2700

In addition, M480L there is one great feature that most distinguishes it from the "smaller brother" - folding chassis during the flight, do not obstruct the camera and flash in the frame during video recording from the air.

In other respects, it is identical to the copter Align M470: it is established that same flight controller APS-M, which is equipped with a GPS, supports several modes of flight, the FPV and OSD functions (telemetry). Flight time, however, a little decreased - by ~ 2 minutes  if install the same battery pack into two copter.


The increase in size has led to an increase in cost - Align M480L is a hundred or two (depending on the store) is greater than the M470.


Align M480L profitable and most often sold in a complete set of «Super Combo». It includes:


  • Directly frame copter
  • Flight Controller APS-M
  • GPS-module
  • GPS LED-indicator
  • Power Management System
  • 4 engine
  • 4 speed controller
  • 2 servo-drive
  • 4 propeller

It is necessary to buy a remote control (receiver + transmitter) and the battery, and the copter ready to fly!



Frame Diameter: 800 mm

propellers Length: 190 mm

Height: 430 mm

Weight without battery: 2700 g

Supported batteries: 5200-12000mAh

Flight Time: 10-12 minutes to the battery at 5200mAh

Flight controller: APS-M

Accuracy flight

Vertical: ± 1 m

Horizontally ± 1 m

Max. flight speed

Vertical: 6 m / s

Horizontal: 15 m / s

Max. Height: 700 m

Max. rotation angle: 30 degrees

Input controller voltage: DC4.5V ~ 8.4V

controller Current consumption: <250mA @ 4.8V

Working controller Frequency: 400Hz

Working Temperature: -20 ° ~ 65 ° C

Power control unit

Input voltage: 13.2V ~ 25.2V (4S ~ 6S)

Operating frequency: 500KHz

Dimensions: 62x35x26 mm


Model BL4213 370KV

Input voltage DC 22.2V

Max. DC 25A

Max. 550W rated power

Quantity of the magnetic poles 14

Number of stator 12 mounts

Dimensions / weight F4xF52 × 33 mm / 185 g

Electronic speed controllers

Input voltage: 13.2V ~ 25.2V (4S ~ 6S)

Max. DC: 40A

Dimensions: 74.2x27x12.7 mm


Presentation Align M480L

Unpacking and assembly quadrocopters Align M480L

First flight


If you are not a fan of 800 mm quadrocopters and you know how to capture video from the air so that the frame does not appear the chassis, you will most likely fit a cheaper version -Align M470. If you want more convenience when shooting video from the air, then Align M480L is the best choice.