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Hi! On this page, you can find and download User Manuals for such Cheerson drones as: CX-20 Pathfinder, CX-22 Follower, CX-117, CX-91 Jumper, CX-30,CX-36 GLIDER, CX-32 FALCON, CX-33 Scorpio, CX-37 Smart H, CX-60, CX-31 UFO, CX-35 LEOPARD, CX-10W WIFI, CX-10WD,CX-10WD-TX, CX-10W-TX, CX-10DS Smart Q, CX-10C, CX-Stars, CX-10D Smart Q .

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Cheerson (Cheerson Hobby Technology Company Limited) - Chinese company, a manufacturer of low cost quadrocopters the CX series, the value of which is significantly lower than its competitors.

Racing quadrocopter Cheerson Jumper CX-91 with FPV video broadcast to the remote

This is a great race drone with an impressive speed of 80 km / h, fully staffed and ready to fly.

Watch the video as it flies.

The structure is made of thick, durable and yet lightweight plastic.

The camera is built into the quadrocopter and has a variable angle of view, which is set manually before the flight. The camera shoots in good quality 720P, which will consider in detail your mission on a computer.

The camera image is transmitted to the screen on the control panel, which allows real-time from the first person to make the flight, as if you are inside the copter.

Quadrocopters is an excellent indicator of the flight range of up to 300 meters. At the same distance will be broadcast videography on the screen

Cheerson Jumper CX-91
Cheerson Jumper CX-91

Manufacturer Cheerson released an excellent novelty for fans of racing drones - a quadrocopter CX-91 Jumper. This copter has everything you need to fly at high speed. Powerful brushless motors, built-in camera and video broadcast FPV on the panel - here is the set which has quadrocopter. Distance control and video broadcast to get 300 meters, which will fly in the first person on the difficult track and understand the art of piloting a race. As well as the copter is great for 3D piloting, it is possible to do flips, loops and just come off on the full!