Selfly Camera PDF User Manual


About the product

SELFLY is a stand-alone flying camera paired with your mobile phone. Created specifically for all lovers of Selfie, now high technology fits in your pocket in a compartment with your smartphone. This is a new level in the field of photography. The drone is completely autonomous, and easy to use. The quad was first introduced as a fully functioning prototype at CES2017. To date, the project is preparing for serial production and will soon be available to everyone.

CEO SELFLY Hagay Klein said: "Perceive SELFLY as your personal photographer who can realize any photo with your participation from any angle." "SELFLY is perfect for those people who are tired of Selfish sticks and do not want to bother with UAVs."

How it works?

Quadrocopter is executed in a compact box, which is combined with your smartphone into a single unit in the transport state, the thickness in the collection - 9mm. Pairing devices is done classically through the application - SELFLYAPP.


In transport position, you carry a drone with you like a normal mobile phone. At the moment when you want to do selfi or capture the events surrounding you, you need to remove the drone from the back of the smartphone, set the motors in flight condition, put them on the palm of your hand and toss it lightly with your hand.

Further, the drone will activate itself and hang in anticipation of further instructions from the mobile phone. Several shooting modes are available: selfy / follow / panoramic. Similarly, the drone received the technology of face and body tracking. The drone can follow you and visually track your position relative to the drone and he will never confuse you with someone else.


After completing the photo session, just put your palm under the drone, and he will independently land on it. The autonomy of the drone is provided by 3 sensors in a compartment with a 6-axis gyro.



Height-keeping: ultrasonic sensor

Auto-fuel: yes

Auto-fit: yes

Stabilization: 6-axis automatic

Camera: photo: 8Mp / video: 1080p at 30fps

Sensor size: 1/3

Aperture size: F / 2.2

Focal length: 29mm

Memory: drones resources / smartphone resources

Motors: Collector type

Battery capacity: 3.7V 650mAh LiPo (built-in)

Flight time: ≈ 5 minutes

Environment for flights: indoors / outdoors

Weight: 70g

Dimensions: 131 × 66 × 9mm

Compatibility: Android / iOS

Compatible devices: from 4-6 inches

Material: 3D printing

Compatible devices

Photo selfie drone SELFLY

Video selfie drone SELFLY